Author Topic: Underage girls(15yo) flashing on roadside, Take picture, sex offender for life.  (Read 18197 times)

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Press Releases Detail

Sheriff witness to teens exposing breasts!

Aug 04, 2010 - Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Cameron was out making appearances at the various locations for National Night Out and was a witness to two 15 year old girls exposing their breasts to motorists; the Sheriff was in his unmarked car.

Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sheriff Cameron was driving on S.R. 776 just before C.R. 771 (Gulf Cove Point) and witnessed two girls lift their shirts and expose their breasts to him and other motorists. Sheriff Cameron turned around to make contact with the girls and pulled into a gas station at 1595 South McCall Rd. He then witnessed Robert Lee Blevins, 33, 6540 Coliseum Blvd., Gardens of Gulf Cove, taking a photo of the girls with his cell phone. Sheriff Cameron detained Blevins and the girls while calling for a backup deputy. Blevin's cell phone was confiscated for evidence that contained a photo of the two juvenile girls exposing their breasts to him.

Based on the evidence, Blevins was charged with felony Possessing Photographs of Sexual Performance by a Child, and misdemeanor Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. He was transported to the Charlotte County Jail and posted $3,500 bond.

The two girls were arrested for exposing their breasts to Blevins so he could take a picture; they were also transported to the County Jail and both were charged with Indecent Exposure in Public/Exposure of Sexual Organs. Both were booked then released to their parents. One girl lives in the area where the incident occurred, the other is visiting from out of state.

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The only shock to this story is that the girls weren't working for the cops, attempting to ensnare otherwise innocent men.


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That was my first thought.It's not like they wouldn't pull a sting like that.

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That was my first thought.It's not like they wouldn't pull a sting like that.

In this day and age, I do not put anything past the bastards. In my years in, I never saw them get quite that dirty and flagrant, but in the years past, there is simply no telling what they are willing to do to violate people, and further their agendas. Is it an election year for that Sheriff is the first thing that comes to my mind.
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