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A man who says he wanted to be a police officer is rethinking his future after allegedly being beaten by a group of Toronto police officers.

On July 22, Sharmake Abdi, 26, was picking up a paycheque for work he did during the G20 summit for the Commissionaires security company. But as he left the company's office at 80 Church Street in downtown Toronto, he was confronted by police.

"[They] put me right there and dragged me all the way here," said Abdi on Tuesday, pointing out where he was grabbed. "Two [officers] sat on my back. One of them was even punching me."


LAS CRUCES - A federal jury in Las Cruces has found Doņa Ana County responsible for the wrongful death of a 34-year-old Nevada man and awarded his estate $575,000 in damages.

In addition, jurors found the county negligent in the hiring, training and supervising of then-sheriff's Deputy Carlos Montoya, who fatally shot Megan Dylan Causey once in the neck July 2, 2007, as the man and his 6-year-old son were driving from Causey's parents home at 5080 Chiricahua Trail in Doņa Ana. Deputies were responding to a reported domestic disturbance when Causey tried to drive away in a van, got stuck in a patch of rocks, and failed to respond to Montoya's orders to stop.

"Within 25 seconds, he was shot and killed," said Albuquerque attorney Richard Sandoval, who represented Causey's now 9-year-old son with co-counsel Kenneth Downes.



LOS ANGELES/EWORLDWIRE/July 30, 2010 --- National Coalition For Men (NCFM) attorney Marc E. Angelucci reports that on July 28, 2010, the California Supreme Court declined to review a Court of Appeal decision that forced Hari Wilburn, a homeless man, to pay tens of thousands of dollars in child support for a child even though DNA excludes him as the dad and he never acted as the dad.

On August 17, the probate court in San Diego will hear the mother's request to intercept Wilburn's inheritance from his deceased mother in order to pay the child support order.

Wilburn was represented at the appellate level by Angelucci. NCFM is a nonprofit organization that addresses how sex discrimination affects men and boys and that helped change California law in 2005 to help protect men from false paternity claims.

In 1991, Cathy Tate named Wilburn as the father of her five-year-old child Alexis in a restraining order proceeding. Wilburn, who was homeless, was never personally served, and there is no record of any service except by mail to Wilburn's mother's address, which is not legally proper. Nonetheless, the court found Wilburn was served, issued a restraining order and ordered Wilburn to pay child support. Wilburn was not present.

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With at least 25,000 people slaughtered in Mexico since President Felipe Calderķn hurled the Mexican Army into the anti-cartel battle, three questions remain unanswered: Who is being killed, who is doing the killing and why are people being killed? This is apparently considered a small matter to US leaders in the discussions about failed states, narco-states and the false claim that violence is spilling across the border.

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