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***Millstone Hill Digisonde 4d...


-Moscow digisonde data-


***HF DRIFT Data Report...

AD A445 366

...June 13 2005...

New Additions to GIRO

...Nov 18, 2011...

...The Digisonde sounder network for the Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory has again been expanded with the recent delivery of Digisonde-4D systems by LDI. LDI has delivered eight Digisonde-4D systems to clients in the U.S, Spain, and Germany. LDI reports that three additional systems are scheduled for delivery in 2011 to customers in the U.S., and Brazil...

 The Thirteenth International GIRO Forum (IGF-2011)

...10-13 May 2011...

!!! Additional topics will cover information about precision ranging, principles of data quality control of ARTIST-5 autoscaling, SAO.XML model for ionospheric data exchange, high cadence Ionogram and skymap/drift measurements for coordinated experiments with HAARP, and space weather applications, including the ongoing development of the real-time extension of the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Ne model based on GIRO real-time data streams !!!

***DAY ONE: 10 May 2011
0930 Review of existing and emerging GIRO science projects Prof. B. Reinisch
1000 Sensing plasma perturbations due to HF heating Dr. T. Pedersen
1030 Break
1100 Sensing the plasma upflow during HAARP heating Dr. E. Mishin
1130 Investigating the effects of ionospheric storms in equatorial region Dr. V. Paznukhov
1200 Lunch
1300 A proposed assimilative IRI with GIRO data Prof. X. Huang
1330 RAPID platform proposal for IRI Prof. I. Galkin
1400 D-region absorption study Dr. G. Sales
1430 Ionospheric height rise during intense storms observed with GIRO Dr. D. Altadill
1450 Break
1500 Low latitude ionosphere response in storm time: DPS-4 observation Dr. X. Wang
1520 The properties of the ionospheric SF observed with DPS-4 in the low
and high latitude regions Dr. J.K. Shi
1540 Measuring electron upflow in the polar cap Dr. P. Nsumei
1600 Adjourn
1830 Odyssey Cruise Boston Rowe’s Wharf

DAY TWO: 11 May 2011
0830 Introduction to DPS-4D Prof. B. Reinisch
0850 DPS-4D hardware overview I. Lisysyan
0920 RFI mitigation for DPS-4D Prof. I. Galkin
0950 FPGA technology for hardware data pre-processing Prof. I. Galkin
1010 Break
1020 Software organization and data traffic Prof. I. Galkin
1040 DCART : New (inter)face of the digisonde Prof. I. Galkin
1100 Under the hood of the DCART project A.Kozlov
1130 System fault isolation with BIT R. Hamel
1200 Lunch
1245 Overview of DPS-4D data products Prof. I. Galkin
1315 DESC: Embedded system control software for DPS-4D Prof. I. Galkin
1345 Upgrade path to DPS-4D Prof. B. Reinisch

DAY THREE : 12 May, 2011
1100 Review of upcoming changes in ionogram analysis and data reports Prof. B. Reinisch
1110 ARTIST 5.0 and autoscaling uncertainty study Prof. I. Galkin
1135 Status of SAO.XML 5.0 format for ionogram-scaled data Prof. I. Galkin
1140 Fundamental principles of NHPC true height analysis Prof. X. Huang
1200 Lunch
1245 Dual-frequency precision ranging with DPS and D256 Prof. B. Reinisch
1305 GIRO Front End: SAO Explorer with DIDBase and ADRES Prof. I. Galkin
1330 Principles of drift measurements Prof. B. Reinisch
1400 Drift Explorer and Drift Base A. Kozlov
1430 Site validation and new Tx antenna design D. Kitrosser
1440 Computer security and remote control R. Hamel
1500 Break
1510 Common errors in measurement programming Prof. I. Galkin
1530 Lightning protection I. Lisysyan
1545 Oblique sounding with DPS and DPS-4D Prof. I. Galkin
1600 Modeling the topside profiles Dr. P. Nsumei
1630 WatchIt: automated monitor of digisonde data quality Prof. I. Galkin
1645 Troubleshooting of post-processing and archival subsystems Prof. I. Galkin
1700 Closing remarks Prof. B. Reinisch

***More To SEE...

***heres a few real time links...

CCMC Real-Time Tools

*in specifics, notice the 24-hour history of ionospheric potential and 24-hour history of ionospheric Joule heating within the Ionospheric potential, currents and polar cap tools->
Ionospheric potential, currents and polar cap

Earth-Sun magnetic connectivity

Structure of Heliosphere

Magnetopause position and conditions at GOES satellites

Real-time Ionospheric High Frequency (HF) Vertical Signal Loss Calculated from the AbbyNormal model

All CCMC Real-Time Tools

Space Weather Alerts and Warnings Timeline

Boulder Colorado USGS magnetometer

USGS Goemagnetism Real Time by VE3EN

SolarIMG is dedicated to providing up to date data, analysis, interviews and articles relating to how the Sun affects our planet and daily lives. From the botanist to the medical doctor to the stay at home Mom, solar activity affects every facet of our daily lives.
*real time charts^^^

SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Magnetosphere Real Time

Magnetic Solar Real Time iSWACygnetStreamer

D Region Absorption Predictions (D-RAP)
Australian Space Agency (TEC) Real Time Chart

***And dont forget all the other various real time graphs and charts i have shared, such as->
GIRO Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory


**Latest Ionogram for GIRO stations

***or the MiTB Gakona Alaska site->
HAARP Ionospheric Observatory


HAARP Optics RealTime

haaRp site Archive*/

Athens Ionospheric Observatory

Gibilmanna Ionospheric Observatory
  Gibilmanna Latest Ionogram
***more insight->

Mario Zucchelli Station Ionospheric Observatory

Rome Ionospheric Observatory
  Rome latest ionogram
  Rome latest ionogram (AIS INGV)
  Rome Digisonde DPS-4 #035
   ^^^ionograms - drift velocity plots - skymaps - directograms
(and imagine that-> a public sector as well as a "restricted" sector)

Tucumán Ionospheric Observatory
  Tucumán Argentina  Latest Ionogram
  Real Time Map of the ionospheric F region critical frequency foF2 over Central South America
 Real Time Map of the propagation factor M(3000)F2 over Central South America

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

Sodankylä ionogram

Millstone Hill Digisonde 4d

Millstone Hill ionogram

Moscow digisonde DPS-4 #045

EISCAT Real Time Charts

Eiscat ionogram

EISCAT Tromsø Ionogram

EISCAT Tromsø Ionogram

Svalbard Latest Ionogram

Tromsø and Svalbard Dynasonde

Yakutsk ionogram

Juliusruh ionogram

Irkutsk ionogram

Norilsk ionogram

East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research


Hainan Island CHINA

Dourbes digisonde 256

Dourbes ionogram

Chilton (RAL) and Port Stanley ionograms (secure)

Lycksele The Swedish ionosonde

Lycksele Ionogram

Jicamarca (oldplots?)

Bear Lake Ionogram

Tomsk Russia Ionogram

Yakutsk Russia Digisonde*768&Column=default&Row=default&Width=default&Imageorder=descending

Vandenberg AFB

Grahams Town, Louisvale and Madimbo South AFRICA ionograms

Baia Terra Nova Antarctica ionogram

Kyoto Japan Latest Geomagnetism

Roquetes Spain Digisonde 4d

Chirp sounder and Ionogram project

National Radiation Map

Jet Stream Position

National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image Loop

UNYSIS National 12hr Loop

United States Real Time lightning activity


National Wind Real Time Map

ISS Real Time Tracking

X-37B-2 Real Time Tracking

***more to add...


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