Author Topic: Plasma donation centers possibly infecting people with diseases...  (Read 1590 times)

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This is a comment I posted on regarding Biotherapeutic Labs in Van Nuys California:  "I called them on a Friday and was told by a lady that I would be paid $40 for my donations unless I had a Hep B vaccination from my doctor then I would be paid $75(if I qualified?) so I made an appointment for Thursday to donate. I didn't have a Hep B vaccination so I made an appointment with my tax funded medical doctor to get one on Monday. My doctor told me a vaccine was unnecessary if my immunity was good which it was. While waiting for the results of my Hep B test I called them back to reschedule and talked to a man who told me I would be paid $25 not $40 without a vaccine which they did themselves. They were supposed to email me and remind me a few days before my appointment which they never did. It seems every time I call there I get conflicting information. Also, I was told that I would have to sign a release form releasing them of any and all damages to myself which may occur by them. So, if I were to be infected with AIDS and die it would be MY fault not theirs. NO THANK YOU."

They not only didn't post my comment, they banned my IP address! I had a chance to look at their website before they banned me and it seemed strange because the comments (all 5 of them) were mostly good although superficial and similar in nature. What do they have to hide? I called the California Board of Health to see if this lab was licensed and safe and all I get is an answering machine of the investigator who says he will be out of his office for 3 weeks. I plan on calling the FDA and see if they know anything about this place but I imagine my calls will not be returned. I did some research about other plasma centers that have been investigated and its pretty scary stuff. For example, check out this article:

Anyone have any experience or opinions about these centers?
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