Author Topic: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???  (Read 90080 times)

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"OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« on: April 08, 2010, 03:14:22 am »
I've been wondering what was up with the sudden rise in popularity of the "OK" hand sign. I've been seeing it used a lot lately by celebrities, musicians, and clueless hipsters. But until today I guess I was clueless as well because it never dawned on me that the sign could possibly represent 666, and considering who is using the makes it seem even more likely. I didn't figure it out on my own of course, I saw it in some video on youtube. I don't remember which but I searched for "horned hand" and it was in one of the videos about that sign. Not that I believe everything I see on youtube, but it has to have some significance to these Hollywood Illuminati puppets and their masters or it wouldn't be so prevalent lately. They also do the sign in front of their eye a know how much they like eye symbolism.

I'm not saying that this sign is not also used to mean "okay", scuba divers use it for that, but I don't think it means the same thing to everyone...much like any sign or symbol. I guess what matters is the power behind the people using the signs and symbols and I think most all of us agree that it is an evil power that is behind the use of signs and symbols by the entertainment class of the NWO pyramid. Also I think it's pretty safe to assume that anything Lady Gaga does is evil.  :D

Well anyway...I managed to scrounge up quite a few images from other sites and boards and I'll post them here for you all to check out.


A-OK = 666 ?:

Lady Gag-a:

Britney Spears:


Justin Timberlake (wow...occultish title to go with the sign even..and "featuring: 3 Six Mafia!):

The Roots:

Shakira (is she supposed to be a Lady Liberty-esque robot in Metropolis?):


John Cena:

The Beatles, Paul doing the 666 and John with the Horns:

Okay...sick of copying and pasting. You can find more pics and info here...not my blog just one I had the good fortune of finding when looking for images!

I will go ahead and snag this bit of text from the blog though...

The “a-ok” hand sign commonly signifies approbation or appreciation. Like many other signs, it has a deeper, darker meaning in occult circles. Widely unnoticed, the hand sign is flashed  by many major artists of the music industry. What does it really signify? We’ll look at the occult meaning of a-ok and recent artists who have used it.

leadaok A Ok Hand sign: Sign of the Occult Music Industry?

We all know about the “devil’s horn” hand sign popularized by rock groups. Not many however realize that the “a-ok” sign, flashed as if it was a gang sign (well it is used by gangs but that’s not the topic here), has another meaning than simply “this is OK“. Due to the context of its usage, and often combined with other occult symbols, the a-ok seems to be is a sign of occult initiation in the music industry. They say a “picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll let the pictures do the talking .
What Does the “A-Ok” Sign Mean?

Hand signs have different meanings when found in different cultures. In America and most of Europe, the a-ok  is used  to signify approbation, satisfaction or excellence. In other countries, it is often considered obscene or a reference to the a-hole.  It however carries a deeper meaning when one looks into occult symbolism.

    “Westerner’s know it as the “okay” (or “OK”) sign. It’s done with the fingers and thumb of right or left hands (usually the right). Simply touch the index finger to the thumb, creating a circle. The other three fingers then spiral off and there you have it—the well-known symbol for OK. Universally, this sign means alright, acceptable, good, right-on, you bet!, A-OK, satisfactory…

    But to occultists, the OK sign takes on darker significance. First, we have the circle, indicating the sun deity and the Mason’s never-ending quest for more light. To Freemasonry, the circle also represents the female genitalia, or yoni. In the Hindu religion, the OK sign is a revered mudra (sacred gesture) meaning “infinity” or perfection. It is associated with the female genitalia — thumb and forefinger pressed together at the tips with the other three fingers extended.

    In the practice of tantric yoga (sex rituals), the OK sign is a token of ecstasy, spiritual and physical. In ancient Sumeria and Persia, charms and amulets have been discovered of fingers and hands in the modern OK position, joined along with horns implying fertility. The three fingers extended outward are symbolic of ecstatic union with the Goddess, the third member of the pagan trinity.

    In Satanism, when making this sign the three fingers not used to make the circle are considered symbolic of the unholy trinity — horned God, Goddess, and offspring (antichrist). Some go so far as to adopt the view that the bent three fingers are shaped as three number six’s, or 666. Thus, we have 666, the sun deity (Lucifer), the Goddess (Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots), and the beast (antichrist, 666), all in one unitary hand sign. Oh what a web of evil wicked men can weave around something seemingly so ordinary and mundane.

    In the Illuminist philosophy, the OK sign becomes a sign indicating approval of the Divine King, their coming Lord of Light, whom we as Christians know as antichrist. To them it means, “He approves our undertaking.” This meaning is roughly equivalent to the words in Latin atop the all-seeing eye of Osiris on our U.S. one dollar bill—Annuit Coeptus”

    - Texe Marrs, Codex Magica

Something to think about.

Also - if anyone wants to post any other 666-related stuff...corporate logos and whatnot...feel free. We don't have to limit this to just the hand sign.

And don't forget...many more pics here:

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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2010, 03:16:54 am »

Lady Gag-a:

And check out that dancer's jacket! More eye symbolism.

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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2010, 05:20:37 am »
it's almost becoming laughable now.  Do they even know the powers they are messing with here?  It seems to me, they're taking their message public now and trying to get these symbols into everyday schmoe's mind and mannerisms.  Taken by themselves, it looks like they're just trying to be weird and "creative"... taken together, all of these "artists" doing the same thing in the same context... it's like a salute to the devil.
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Re: Obama gives "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2010, 02:56:09 am »
Watched the O'Reilly Factor today for an update on the Murdochracy! (Friday 6th August 2010 show)

He introduced a clip of Obama complaining about Bush or some such, I wasn't really listening. Then the clip came on and Obama is at a podium and he is gesturing with his right hand in the OK 666 hand sign the whole of the clip.

I kid you not!

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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2010, 03:01:56 am »
it would be pretty hard to show 6002020206

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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2011, 09:22:58 pm »
It seems like illumanti symbolism is the new norm, I don't think the majority of these celebs really know what they are representing.
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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #6 on: August 08, 2011, 10:04:59 pm »
It seems like illumanti symbolism is the new norm, I don't think the majority of these celebs really know what they are representing.

They wouldn't be "celebs" if they didn't know.  Nobody makes it by accident.
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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #7 on: August 08, 2011, 10:07:38 pm »
zero kills
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Re: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Sign is 666???
« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2011, 10:13:31 pm »
They wouldn't be "celebs" if they didn't know.  Nobody makes it by accident.

Yep, they all sold their souls to Satan. Otherwise, they wouldn't be at that level where they are.