OMFG! New Canonical/Ubuntu is FORMER DEFENSE CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Topic: OMFG! New Canonical/Ubuntu is FORMER DEFENSE CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 1011 times)

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Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, has announced his resignation from the position of CEO of Canonical, effective March 2010: "From March next year, I'll focus my Canonical energy on product design, partnerships and customers. Those are the areas that I enjoy most and also the areas where I can best shape the impact we have on open source and the technology market. I'm able to do this because Jane Silber, who has been COO at Canonical virtually from the beginning, will take on the job of CEO." The new CEO, Jane Silber (pictured on the right), has been with the company for over five years. A brief interview on Canonical blogs tells us more about her background: "I am currently Chief Operating Officer and Director of Online Services. I joined Canonical in 2004, and since then have been closely involved in the establishment and management of most Canonical functions. I have a technical background and started my career as a software developer, and have since held engineering and senior management positions at companies as diverse as a health and wellness promotion start-up, a large technology and manufacturing company in Japan, and the US defence contractor General Dynamics. I am American, and came to the UK in 2002 to complete an MBA at Oxford."


Jane Silber runs Canonical while Mark Shuttleworth gallivants

Jane Silber - Chief Operating Officer

Jane joined Canonical Ltd in 2004, prior to the first release of Ubuntu. Based in London, she currently oversees all business development and operational activities, including customer support and services, marketing and partnerships, as well as the corporate financial and administrative functions.

Prior to joining Canonical, Jane was Vice President of Command and Control Systems at General Dynamics C4 Systems, and her early career included artificial intelligence research and product development for Teijin Ltd in Yokohama, Japan. She holds degrees from the University of Oxford, Vanderbilt University and Haverford College.

General Dynamics Given $10 Million To Set Up “Psy-Op” Websites To Support War On Terror


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New Canonical/Ubuntu CEO is former General Dynamics VP
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