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Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:
page 004:Covert testing of materials on unwitting subjects

--- Quote ---17. The final stage of covert testing of materials on unwitting
subjects is clearly the most sensitive aspect of MKULTRA. No
effective cover story appears to be available. TSD officials state
that responsibility for covert testing is transferred to the Bureau of
Narcotics. Yet they also predict that the Chief of the Bureau would
disclaim any knowledge of the activity. Present practice is to maintain
no records of the planning and approval of test programs. The prin-
cipal responsibility for the propriety of such testing rests with the
MKULTRA program director and the Deputy Chief of TSD. The
handling of test subjects in the last analysis rest with the Narcotics
agent working alone. Suppression of knowledge of critical results from
the top TSD and CIA management is an inherent risk in these operations.
   18. Final phase testing of MKULTRA substances and devices on
unwitting subjects is recognized to be an activity of genuine importance
in the development of some but not all of MKULTRAs products. Termination
of such testing would have some, but an essentially indeterminate, effect
on the development of operational capability in this field. Of more
critical significance, however, is the risk of serious damage to the
Agency in the event of compromise of the true nature of this activity.
As now performed under Bureau of Narcotics auspices, non-Agency
personnel are necessarily fully witting of the true nature and significance
of their assignments, and the sponsorship of CIA. Compromise of
--- End quote ---

page 004: Human testing issues, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals

--- Quote ---this information intentionally or unwittingly by these individuals at some
time in the future is a hazard that cannot be ruled out. A test subject
may on some occasion in the future correctly attribute the cause of his
reaction and secure independent professional medical assistance in
identifying the exact nature of the substance employed, and by whom.
An extreme reaction to a test substance could lead to a Bureau request
for cooperation from local authorities in supressing information of the
situation. This would in turn broaden the circle of the individuals who
possessed at least circumstantial evidence of the nature of the activity.
Weighing possible benefits of such testing against the risks of compromise
and the resulting damage to CIA has led the Inspector General to recommend
termination of this phase of the MKULTRA program. Existing checks
and balances on the working level management of such testing do not
afford the senior command of CIA adequate protection against the high
risks involved.
   19. It does not follow that termination of covert testing of MKULTRA
materials on unwitting U. S. citizens will bring the program to a halt.
Some testing on foreign nationals has been occurring under the present
arrangements. Various U. S. deep cover agents overseas would appear
to be more favorably situated than the U. S. narcotics agents to perform
reallistic testing. Finally, the operational use of the substances clearly
serves the testing function in view of the lack of predictability of human

--- End quote ---


I took the 18000 images of documents from blackvault and created about 1700 pdf's organized according to the numbering system the CIA uses for there documents.


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