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COINTELPRO Operatives Posing as Activists (Continued)


William Rausch:
This post completes the task I began with my post of August 23rd, 2009, entitled: Great On-Line Movie Exposing Feds Posing as Activists (http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=128304.0) in indicating the highlights of the movie “The Weather Underground” (available online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV7GSff4fIA).

47:45: Bill Ayers: At a meeting on the California coast following the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion which killed Terry Robbins, Theodore Gold, and Diana Oughton (who were building the bombs which were to be used in the attack on the Fort Dix NCO Club referred to in the entry for 41:24 above), the Weatherman leadership decided that the turn to targeting people for violent victimization had been an error, and further decided that, in all future bombings, maximum care would be taken to ensure that noone would be injured.

55:59: Walter Mondale points out that bombers hurt their own cause through their violence.

59:07:  The Weatherman Underground are paid 20K by the “Brotherhood of Eternal Love”, described by Brian Flanagan as an LSD group that “had a lot of money”, to free Tavistock House operative Timothy Leary from prison.  (Which certainly makes one wonder why he was chosen over so many other prisoners far more deserving of designation as political prisoners.)  A subsequent Weatherman Underground communique refers, ironically, to building a new society resistant to “mind-controlling maniacs”.

1:03:58: FBI Agent Don Strickland refers to the difficulty of capturing Weathermen, observing that “Many of them had access to fairly substantial amounts of money.”.  He makes no statement as to the source of their funding.

!:12:08: Mark Rudd observes that Americans are taught that any violence not sanctioned by the State constitutes criminality or mental illness, and further observes that, in the case of the Weather Underground, “Violence didn’t work.”.

1:14:57:  Mark Rudd admits that the end of the Vietnam War rendered the Weather Underground Organization “irrelevant”.


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