Agents Provocateur assist Rothschild's plans, a new civil war? Wake Up Texas!!

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Let me also clear the air about something. Most Texans do not want to break away from the United States. Most Texans consider themselves Americans.

But if ever being American means sacrificing our liberties, we will just prefer to be Texans.


Then there is the whole issue of whether or not Texas is even lawfully part of the United States to begin with...  ;D


--- Quote from: JConner on August 31, 2009, 01:20:06 pm ---Sir, you are being divisive. Secession is not standing for the globalists, or against the United States as envisioned by the founding fathers. The founding fathers drew up a document called the Declaration of Independence, which was an article of secession. It states that there may come a time when a people must break the bonds with whomever they may be in Union with. That is what gave birth to the United States.

To say that if you are for secession you are for the globalists is plain rhetoric that has no supporting premises.

OJ is irrelevant. The Colonies did everything they could '10th Amendment style' - asserting their rights under the existing Charters and the Union with great Britain - to restore and preserve their Sovereignty, but when it failed, the recourse slavery or secession. Obviously, and thankfully, they chose secession.

Nonsense. The call for TEXAS secession is a call for Independence, the re-establishing of Texas a Sovereign, Independent, NATION. Globalism is hell bent to DESTROY ALL NATIONS, merging them into a planetary UNION along socialist lines. As for 'dividing America' they want to divide the PEOPLE into opposing EACH OTHER instead of opposing the globalists. They plan on ABSORBING America into a North American Union which in turn will be absorbed into a global union with Europe and Asia. Texas being an independent Republic does not promote that - one of the very reasons many Texans want to secede is BECAUSE Washington is hell bent on destroying the country by creating the NAU. Ergo, Texas secession is a REJECTION of globalism, in toto.

I have read the Constitution. Silly personal attacks like that won't get you anywhere, friend. The Consitution is being ignored by DC (and Austin, for that matter), that is the problem. If the states cannot force DC to abide by the Constitution, then what else is there to do, JT?

Nonsense. The compact would be broken with the current DC regime. Any state wishing to assert its sovereignty would be more than welcome to form a new Union, under the principles of State Sovereignty and Liberty. In fact, this is the goal of secession movements in the US - to reconstitute the federal government along Constitutional lines.

I don't think you guys are paying attention to that.

I want to see hard core evidence the secession movement of TODAY is 'financed by Rockefeller et al' or that Brezinski actually had a 'plan' to cause states to secede from the Union. Until then, such accusations are just that - mere accusations.

By the way - citing Rick Perry's support of secession as proof the globalists want Texas to secede is preposterous and betrays the fact that whoever would cite such a thing is totally ignorant of Texas politics. Rick Perry is an opportunist. If he thought 911 Truth would get him votes he would be on the streets with a bullhorn shouting '911 was an inside job' in nothing flat.

--- End quote ---

 The Declaration of Independence is the enabling document for the Constitution. Thus, the Constitution embodies within it, the very processes to be used to lawfully facilitate the promises of the Declaration.

 If you are for secession... then you're for division...  It is that plain and simple, John... your twisted logic is doing nothing here but pointing directly at you as the one dividing. If you have listened to anything that Mark Koernke has been saying for the last 20 years, you understand totally why secession is the wrong thing. The globalist plan is to divide the United States into 10 independent federally controlled districts... please wake up.

 For me to ask people who are for secession/dividing, to cross the line and join those of us who are for remaining united and fighting the bastards together... this is not dividing John!

 If you cannot see this logic and the truth in my words for uniting, then I can only assume the worst about you, since secession by definition is division! Before the colonies would secede from Great Britain, they had to be united... it had to be unanimous.  Subsequently, they built into the Constitution all of the safeguards, and all of the processes necessary, to make it where secession would not be necessary in order to change the federal power... as well as who all of the power is ultimately derived from... namely, the people... you will find this codified neatly in the 9th and 10th Amendments.

 In effect we are again breaking the chain with Britain, however now, within the Constitution we have the legal means by which to do it... and we almost achieved it in 1995... they knew this and quickly obfuscated everything with OJ in the news, raids on churches and the blowing up their own buildings in order to demonize the lawful patriot community who was working within the law. The globalists will not oppose a secession by Texas, the reason is because it is one step closer to what they want for America... again, please wake up John.

 I have merely asked you to sit down and be quiet... spend some time reading so that you can understand that you are seeking a solution to a problem that won't exist under the Constitution but by going for secession you will create that very problem... Only through the exercising of at least 38 states, can we throw the bastards out... We have over 30 now and will have more as the movement grows... those people who propose secession however are working against us, just like they did back in the 1990s... their intentions may be good, but they are doing the Devils bidding.

[Benjamin Franklin's woodcut from May 9, 1754.]

"A long habit of NOT thinking a thing wrong
gives it a superficial appearance of being right."
~Thomas Paine


I was in favor of secession years ago, JConner.  Thought that was the only way for Texas to deal with the feds.  But the State Sovereignty route is the way to go.

"Divide and conquer" is being used on Texas right now.  Snake-oil salesmen are trying to get you to think we'd be better off trading one group of governing crooks for another, and if you fall for it...well, look at how Yugoslavia was carved up with divide and conquer.

If you live in Texas, why don't you contact your state rep and senator with your concerns about the feds?  Ask them to introduce non-compliance legislation at the state house.  Also, remind them that Rick Perry is a preening poseur who's working for international interests.  It's Perry who's primarily kept the Superhighway/Corridor project going.  He's doing that for Cintra, a Spanish company.  And the Spanish bought Guaranty Bank last week...most of that bank's branches are in Tx and California.  So it's beginning to look like Spain has its sights set on Texas.  Why play into the king of Spain's hands by becoming one of Perry's foot soldiers?

Can't talk about Perry without directing people to the link below.  Would you really want to swap Bush/Obama for this?:

chris jones:

That amazes me, Hate the United States.
Pathetic attempt to isolate and divide.  Why couldn't it have been said , screamed by the masses they hate the regime, easy answer they, the provocatuers, were not paid to. *NOT ON THE SCRIPT>

These screaming meanies are catching the ears of the mighty MSM, giving an escuse to begin a mass divide. Agents, they do get paid well$.

Its the same old story folks, to divide is to conquer. FEAR,DIVISION,WARS,FARICATED ENEMYS, these are old and proven techniques to dominate and controll.

Many plans are in order and  will take place domestically before a civil war begins. Their patern is obvious to us,nope no history on this, we all know it, but the chain of events leading up to this are etched in stone.

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