Author Topic: Does Hillary Clinton use the CIA's ability to cause cancer for political gain?  (Read 2021 times)

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Rudy Giuliani in the state run
Edwards in the primaries

Are there others?

Normally this would be rediculous, but what is up with the sudden relapse/onset of cancer then the remission when they back away from Clinton?

Also we have known for almost 50 years that the CIA has used cancer as a form of "enhanced interrogation/control."

The following  Documentary reveals the CIA project involving human subjects in a US labratory to use cancer as an acceptable method of assassination/control  against dissidents around the world.  The same people that headed this project were also intimately involved in multiple plots to kill US Citizens including the President of the United States of America.  Watch this entire episode [segment 3 is most revealing], then ask yourself how many dissidents to US government policies have died of cancer.

Suppressed Episode Two:
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More information here:
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