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Cyber false-flag makes Linux users terrorists and MS Windows the only legal OS



Aftermath of False-Flag Cyberattacks Gives Rise to New DHS Memo Which Adds Linux Users, Free Software Advocates to Expanding List of “Extremists”

In light of the recent false-flag cyberattacks on Pentagon computers, the Department of Homeland Security is warning Americans about a new threat to national security: the free software movement.

In a statement issued on the day of the cyberattacks, DHS secretary Janet Napolitano announced that preliminary reports indicate that the attacks originated from Chinese computers powered by the Linux operating system, a free alternative to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS.

“Preliminary reports indicate that Chinese computers were running the Ubuntu Linux operating system,” said Napolitano. “Therefore, we have no choice but to add the use of Linux as extremist activity.”

Within moments of the report, nationwide talk radio shows and their callers demanded an immediate ban on Linux.

Rush Limbaugh called for Linux to be banned, claiming that the operating system has been promoting economic terrorism against the U.S. econmy. “My friends, the reason this economy has tanked is because of the radical free software socialists. They put out a product for free in hopes of driving the commercial software industry out of existence,” said Limbaugh. "And now, they are using Linux to undermine our national security. Linux is terrorism, and anybody who uses Linux is a terrorist."

Listeners calling in to nationwide radio shows have called for an immediate ban on Linux. “I think Linux should be made illegal, and I think anybody seen running Linux on their computers should be arrested,” said an anonymous caller to Limbaugh on his radio show.

Talking to the Free Software Foundation’s Richard Stallman, nationally-syndicated radio host Alex Jones stated that the cyberattacks most likely originated from the Pentagon and will be used to ban Linux and free software and arrest anybody using such tools. “They’re gonna come after you,” said Jones to Stallman, “because you represent the free software movement. Right now, you are their Osama bin Laden. This is the new 9/11.”

Jones stated that the unavailability of maninstream Linux websites such as Distrowatch and Ubuntu is no coincidence. “The Pentagon is blocking access to these websites. I got an email from one of my listeners, Darth Chaos, and he tells me that he can’t even download software from Ubuntu’s software repositories.”

One of Jones' detractors by the name of Troy From West Virginia called in and said that Linux should be banned and that "choosing a European operating system instead of an American operating system is America-hate."

Many are predicting that the cyberattacks could result in an expanded Cyber Security Act.

“They’re gonna expand the Cyber Security Act in such a way that it will be the cyber-PATRIOT Act,” said Jones, referring to a statement that attorney Lawrence Lessig made in late 2008 when he said Defense secretary Robert Gates told him there would be an “i-9/11″ which would result in an “i-PATRIOT Act.”

In response to the cyberattacks, Microsoft has immediately ceased all interoperability deals it signed in 2006 and 2007 with Linux vendors Novell and Xandros. In addition, Asus has immediately dropped all support for Xandros' customized operating system for its computers and has issued a mandatory recall for all EeePCs, EeeBoxes, and EeeTops which use Xandros. It is also reported that Dell Computer has immediately ceased making Ubuntu Linux available for its computers. In response, Novell’s stock price has dropped 97% while Xandros’ has dropped nearly 95%. It is rumored that both companies may file for bankruptcy and may be liquidated.

Apple, Inc. stated that the cyberattacks were the result of “an overabundance of competing operating systems.” When asked if Apple would support a uniform operating system for all computers, Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated, “Not only would we support a uniform OS for all computers, but we will. We will immediately ask Microsoft to develop a version of Microsoft Windows specifically-designed for our hardware, and once that version of Windows comes out, we will cease all development of the Mac OS and ensure that no other operating system can be installed.”

It is now clear that the false-flag cyberattack is not about cybersecurity, but about legally mandating Microsoft’s monopoly of the operating system market. With government talking heads calling for Linux to be banned, and with Apple promising to adopt Microsoft Windows and abandoning Mac OS, it is clear that the government and the corporate tech tyrants are conspiring to make Microsoft Windows the only legal operating system for computers in the United States.


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