"Fat Head" documentary: a whitewash of the obesity and diabetes epidemics

Author Topic: "Fat Head" documentary: a whitewash of the obesity and diabetes epidemics  (Read 5642 times)

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I finally got to watch Fat Head by Tom Naughton, and while I agree with his points about saturated fats and trans fats and debunking most of Morgan Spurlock's main talking points in Super Size Me, I was disappointed that the documentary seemed like a 100-minute infomercial for the Atkins Diet. To me, the documentary basically said "all carbs are bad". The documentary basically blamed the obesity epidemic on carbs and sedentary lifestyles and made no mention whatsoever of MSG. In fact, Naughton avoided drinking HFCS-sweeted soft drinks by drinking...aspartame-sweetened soft drinks.

So as I expected, Fat Head turned out to be a whitewash of the obesity and diabetes epidemics. I applaud the filmmaker for exposing the "food police" and their hypocrisy as it relates to trans fats and how anti-saturated fat became official government policy in the late 1970s, but by consuming aspartame and making no attempt to attack MSG, he has - just like Morgan Spurlock - ultimately given aid and comfort to all the Rockefeller interests who created the obesity epidemic. Fat Head and Super Size Me are nothing but controlled-opposition whitewashes.

(Looking back, it doesn't surprise me that the film was a whitewash because I remember the filmmaker commented on either one of his YouTube videos or on his blog that whole grains such as Cheerios are unhealthy. http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2009/06/26/michael-jackson/  )