Author Topic: NEW PROOF BOMBS WERE SET IN THE TWIN TOWERS!!!  (Read 20401 times)

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« Reply #40 on: June 15, 2009, 11:47:30 AM »
Barry Jennings pretty well put the separate WTC7 event into clear context. It was not in the path of any airliner crash debris and too far away to have suffered any damage from the WTC 2 and 1 demolitions, but it did house the Federal Reserve, Enron and Worldcom fraud records in the FTC files and shared the pre-demo-tested Oklahoma City Murraugh Building style-architecture.

Those reflections in the video at 5:06 are just that - not relevant. There was no exit for Barry Jennings nor anyone else from the ground floor back or sides of this one-glass-faced huge lobby building, firefighters had to knock one out to evacuate them, after the truck bombs had done their work across the unprotected glass expanse of the front access points.

First off, it is important for us all to remember the flight timelines below. Note that the elapsed flight times were to be essentially the same, (45 minutes) and the departure and crash times were planned to be 12-15 minutes apart. Neither could Atta's Flight 11 circle and wait since he was already late.

7:45 AM   AA Flight 11 to depart Logan, for LA (delayed)
7:59 AM   AA Flight 11 departs Logan for LA (14 min. delay)

7:58 AM   UAL Flight 175 to depart Logan for LA (delayed)
8:14 AM   UAL Flight 175 departs Logan for LA (16 min. delay)

So we can assume they planned or were instructed, allowing for 46 minutes of flight and skyjacking time, to hit both buildings within 15 minutes of one another at 8:35 and 8:45. (NOTE: Both Crashes Before 9:00AM!)  The two flight delays were unexpected yet approximately equal but they made a huge difference in victim effects. So WTC 1 was hit more or less on schedule but WTC 2 was hit way too late.

8:45 AM   AA Flight 11 Strikes First WTC Tower - 46 minutes elapsed,
9:03 AM   UAL Flight 175 Strikes Second WTC Tower - 49 minutes elapsed,

The normal business day starts at 8:30-9:00 AM, thus WTC 1 workers and visitors were caught off-guard while elevators and lobbies were still crowded hampering escape and most were still going into work while WTC 2 workers were already in place and forewarned. This made it far too easy for WTC 2 workers to escape, being forewarned and disregarding Silverstein WTC 2 Death Guards orders that "nothing was wrong here, stay put and await your deaths". (even as WTC 7 was already long-closed and already emptied in accordance with the expected 8:35 Triage plan schedule)

Nonetheless it was important to the plans that victim witnesses to the preliminary basement core support bombings not be allowed to escape with their tales so they were to be gathered by emergency worker witnesses and imprisoned in the WTC 7 lobby "Triage Death Camp" while ambulances were all stopped blocks away to prevent their escapes. The Oklahoma style WTC 7 front-truck bombings were planned to kill all these witnesses while WTC 7 itself had been deliberately pre-evacuated much earlier (long before WTC 2 was). Then the demolition of WTC 7 later would conceal those bombings and murders.

The only problem was the less than thorough EMS witness-victim collections only underway for WTC 1 and the flight delays which allowed too many victim witnesses, especially from WTC 2 to scurry off injured but unhindered, rather than being collected at WTC 7 for witness disposal. The unexpected early evacuation of WTC 2 also posed a problem in that firefighters unhindered by victim rescues were able to get up to the fires too soon and the threat that they would turn hoses on caused the murderers to demolish it first, unrealistically way ahead of schedule for fear the water would damage the explosives and wiring.

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« Reply #41 on: June 16, 2009, 02:15:26 PM »
I should have been more specific.

I agree that there was way more explosives that took the building down.I meant after those last two bombs went off the building started coming down.Then the floor by floor explosions started happening.

And although i disagree with the building 7's damaged side prior to the collapses.I'm
going to check it more thoroughly.
If you say fires caused it then what caused the fires if the buildings haven't collapsed yet??

Isn't that what they said caused the fires??

And although i disagree with the building 7's damaged side prior to the collapses.I'm
going to check it more thoroughly.