Texas Gov Rick Perry plays race card

Author Topic: Texas Gov Rick Perry plays race card  (Read 608 times)

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Texas Gov Rick Perry plays race card
« on: May 08, 2009, 02:24:33 PM »

Upset over FEMA's denial to reimburse Tx 100% of all hurricane IKE costs, Perry's press office released a statement playing the race card. The press release titled, "Gov. Perry: Washington Penalizes Texas for Protecting Communities from Ike" ends with this paragraph:

In the aftermath of Texas’ costliest hurricane season, Texas has only asked that the citizens affected by Hurricane Ike be treated no less than those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Despite the severity of the disaster in Texas and the amount of work left to be done, Washington is now abdicating its responsibility.

Mother Jones revealed that Perry has asked Washington for help more than any other state.  In an article titled, "Texas, Run by Secessionist Guv, Has Received More Federal Disaster Relief Than Any State" Mother Jones journalist Jonathan Stein states,

A listing on FEMA's Web site shows that Texas has been the site of 13 "major disaster declarations" since Perry took office following George W. Bush's departure in 2001.

A May 7, AP article quotes data from an email from FEMA spokesperson Erica Lopez:

Lopez said that to date more than $2 billion in disaster assistance has been awarded to Texas; $526.4 million has been given to individuals and households; $360.5 million has been given to complete 97 percent of debris removal; $335.4 million has been awarded for emergency protective measures; and $69.4 million has been given for repairs to roads and bridges, water control facilities, public buildings, public utilities and recreational and other areas.


Perry needs to declare an emergency in the Texas unemployment system and be upset about the Texas Workforce Commission denying eligible recipients.  Listen and hear TWC alter the date of my claim so it can be denied.

Governor Perry, At least FEMA won't pretend that the appeal is not received or change the date to deny it like they do it in Texas.

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