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The hidden horiffic testimonies of young girls & women being given Gardisil!!

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I have been feverishly alarming many, many mothers and fathers on the dangers of this vaccine. There are so many people who aren't aware of real information about this genocidal nightmare. THIS IS CRIMINAL, PERIOD!

I just wanted to share some horrific stories I've been reading over on If any of you mothers read this, please go over there and shed some light on this subject?

Posted at 12: 7 PM on Mar 08, 2009 by charity1432, #39716     
My 13yr old niece has always been a healthy, active and straight A student. Then on 11/5/08 during a routine physical, she received her 1st dose of Gardasil. On 11/28/08 she started to complain that she felt weak and had a headache. Since it was 2 days after Thanksgiving we thought that she was tired from all the holiday activities. On 11/29/08 she had a headache and stayed in bed all day. She got up that afternoon & had 2 seizures. She was rushed to the ER. As of today, March 8, 2009 she is still in the hospital in Intensive Care Unit. She has been in critical condition since.

Within 2 days after her seizure, she lost the ability to eat,speak,walk and communicate in anyway. She is completely unresponsive. She is on the ventilator, she is basically in a coma. We do know she has an viral infection with a shadow on the left side of her brain. All of the testing that has been done all show negative for any illness or diseases. We are still unsure if she will come out of this. This has been completely devastating to our family. We have no answers from doctors. Even though we know in our hearts that this was a side effects from Gardasil. I don't know if they will ever fully admit it. We are left to watch and wait. That is what the doctors tell us daily..

 Reply 17 days ago on Apr 06, 2009 by charity1432, #18650

My niece hasn't gotten any better. She is home from the hospital now. She is on the ventilator. She has had many complications that include iregular heart rate as high as 250 beats per minute. High and very low blood pressure. She had a lot of involuntary nuerological movement in the beginning. She was home in Feb for 3 days but was air lifted back after she stopped breathing (she had only the tracheostomy) she had a internal body temp of 108.2.

Since then she hasn't moved any parts of her body. She is still unresponsive. She does look around now but thats it. There is still no FIRM diagnosis. The doctors will not consider giving the diagnosis of a vaccine reaction. We know that we had a healthy 13 yr old girl before the shot was given to her. Every test has given us negative results for any other illness or diseases. So in our hearts we know what happened to her.

We have to keep looking further for a doctor who will take the time to treat her. We need answers, this will continue to happen to other girls unless they stop this vaccine..

April 16th
4:57 PM

*********************READ THIS TO FIND HELP*************************
My daughter suffered severe side effects from the Gardasil vaccine - pneumonia, dehydration, etc. etc. The lots with "X" and "U" are causing the most problems. You need to detox your body from the aluminum that was in the vaccine. Please take special precautions if you had the above lot numbers (check with your doctor who administered).

Please read my posting on How to Detox from Gardasil on questions tab. This will help you. File a VAERS report immediately and call your doctor to let them know you are POSITIVE your illness is from the vaccine.

Several people are working on getting this off the market - but please write your congressman or senator to ask that they help. This is the only way to stop this! Also ... tell EVERYONE you know that this vaccine and others with aluminum are NOT safe!
-- By nyminnow

April 7th 2009
10:33 PM

I received my 2nd shot on 3/27/09. On 3/31/09 i began having headaches, diarrhea, chest pains, back pains, and abdominal, pelvic pains. They have not ceased since. I have tried taking headache medication but the headache returns the next day. Including the terrible abdominal pains. My mother overheard about a 5th grader taking these shots and ending up dying from them. Her doctors could not find the source of her problems and convinced her family there was nothing wrong...her death was the result.
-- By erickaelisa

March 26th
9:18 PM

My 16 year old daughter got her first Gardasil shot on January 9th, 2009. Her doctor practically pushed this on us during a routine doctor visit. The dr told us it was safe and would protect my daughter from numerous things. She never once told us of any side effects and made me feel like if I didn't get her vaccinated, I was being a 'bad mom'.
Shortly after the first vaccine, we were in Walmart and my daughter started feeling like she was going to pass out. I thought it was because she hadn't eaten well that day so I bought her a candy bar and she ate it. (She's had several more of these episodes over the last few months.)
Then she started having severe leg pains that I thought were just 'growing pains'.
After the second shot on March 9th, 2009 she started having severe dizzy spells where she would run into things. Again I did not think anything of it other than maybe she hadn't eaten well that day. Then she started having numbness/pain/tingling in both legs and left arm. This is when I received an email about Gardasil that opened my eyes.

I started researching and found out about all these other girls that are having the same, if not worse, symptoms! I was in shock and disbelief.
That same day, Friday, March 20th, 2009, she had an attack that was so bad I had to take her to the ER. At the hospital, they ran blood tests and did a CT scan. All tests came back normal. The doctor there told me not to get the third shot because he said my daughter was having an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Since Friday, March 20th, I have been researching nonstop. My daughter has been having new symptoms almost daily such as back pain, bladder pain, pain behind both kneecaps, severe weakness, tingling in both legs and left arm, left arm is very weak, nausea, weight loss, etc.

Friday night, she had an episode where her entire body was jerking uncontrollably and she was in pain with her legs and left arm. Her heart was racing so fast and she was having trouble breathing. (she constantly says she feels like she cant get a deep breath and that it hurts).
I was able to get her relaxed enough to go back to sleep.

On Monday, March 23rd, I called her doctor and told them what was going on. They told me to bring her right in. They also said that VARS had contacted them asking for my daughters' medical records. ( I had already reported to VARS before calling the doctor).

At the doctors office, I talked to her doctor about all of these cases and deaths that have been reported. She kept saying it was not the Gardasil. I asked her how she could be so sure, since this is such a NEW vaccine, nobody knows what to expect! She eventually started partially agreeing with me and examined my daughter. She called to get the reports from what the hospital had done and said she wanted to do more bloodwork. I had to take her back in to the dr's office the following day, Tuesday, for more blood to be drawn. They took 6 vials and said we wont have the results for about a week.

I am CERTAIN that my daughter is suffering because of the Gardasil shots!
She was a healthy, happy, vibrant, energetic 16 year old. Now she is tired all the time, weak, sick, and cant do her school work. She is very scared because of what we have found out from other girls.

I'm afraid for what is to come! Every day she seems to have a new symptom.

I found a great support group at ******
They have been a great help to me over these last few days. They have done their homework and are working very hard to get our government to do a thorough investigation into Merck and Gardasil before more of our beautiful daughters are harmed or killed.

I urge everyone to educate yourselves before you vaccinate with Gardasil!
If you want more information or if you want copies of the documents that we have found, including a Warning Letter that was sent from the FDA to Merck last year that found them in violation of NUMEROUS things, come to our ****** group.

-- By mstyrayn

March 25th
9:36 PM

My daughter got the gardasil shot ten months ago. She was a normal healthy beautiful active teen before the shot.She had been running about ten miles a day and within none DAYS of getting the shot ( the reaction started sooner) she was in ICU fighting for her life! She has chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, stomach pains, insomnia, hairloss, voice changes, personality changes, auto immune issues, rashes, strange swelling, leg tremors, hand weakness, fatigue general malaise and I could go on and on. This was supposed to be her senior year, but she is so weak and missed so much school, she had to drop out. This has got to stop!
-- By truthaboutgardasil

March 23th
2:02 PM

I received all three of the gardesal shots. The first three were painful, but about two weeks after my last shot I developed a golf ball size lump at the injection site. My entire upper arm has been tender to the touch, tingling and numb. I called the doctor who states that is must be something else. I am positive it is from the shot. I will be monitoring the swelling, and if the pain woresens, seek different medical attention. Has any one else experienced this problem??
-- By fallenangel03

March 20th
12:41 AM

On Dec 18, 2008 my 18 yrs old received her 3rd shot. No problems until then. She has had a skin rash for over 3 months now. They first said it was a virus, then pityriasis rosea, eczema, and after a skin bio the diagnosis includes an arthropod bite reaction and urticarial hypersensitivity reaction to a drug. For 3 months I've been asking if it might be the gardasil and they keep saying NO. She's had every type of cream, some costing $90 and now on predisone. They also thought it might be scabies. The rash has looked like several different kinds of rashes. But still she itches all the time and has had a more severe rash in her private areas. It seems like the rash is always changing. So far that's been the only problem, unlike some of what I've read. I'm only praying that nothing else happens. They also said that living in a dorm could have bugs and that's where the bite would come from. But she had been living in the dorm for 3 months, came home, received her 3rd shot and now we have been to the dr. several times a month trying to relieve her itching and rash.

Has anyone else had just the rash??
-- By cookiemom

March 19th
9:49 PM

My daughter received her first shot on 6/20/2007 when she was 14 years old and second shot on 12/27/2007. During this time frame she complained of having headaches daily. On 1/8/2008 my daughter had a seizure. She had been a healthy, dancer and scholastic student. Since her shot she has had a total of 12 seizures and has been in and out of hospitals numerous times. She was diagnosed with epilepsy in March of 2008. She has been on Topamax, Keppra, Lamictal and Zonegran and continues to have seizures. The side effects from the medications that my daughter has suffered with along with depression has been tremendous.

We thought we were protecting our daughter and found that we have only hurt her. The doctors need to stop pushing the shot and it needs to be taken off the market. Because of this shot she has to be dependent on more drugs. She has missed so much school, which were important years (freshman & sophmore) that she will never get back. How many more girls need to suffer!
-- By buddy2008

March 18th
9:16 PM

I am 20 and had all 3 of the shots. I was going into my freshman year of college, and in September became very sick. I refused a blood test because I hate needles. By November I could barely walk on my own. The hospitals kept giving me medicine for bacterial infection, but it just kept getting worse. My fever stayed at 103 before I went back to the ER. A blood test concluded I had mono. Just figured I got this from being a freshman partier. During this time I also had an abnormal pap smear for the first time. My mom did research and found other girls who had cases of mono after the 3rd shot too. Very, very rare. Now I have to go to the gyno every 6 months because they found pre-cancerous cells. I also failed my first semester of college because I was so sick. This is all thanks to the Gardisal shot. I do NOT recommend. It should be taken off the market now!
-- By kyndalcs

March 18th
2:20 PM

My 14 year old daughter received her first Guardasil shot in May 2008 second in September and was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in November 2008. The diagnosis was questioned at my daughters Oncologist in conjunction with the shot. I never heard anything else after that. Luckily she is in remission after Chemo and many treatments
-- By gcopen

March 18th
10:23 AM

My 13 year old daughter had her third shot on 02/16/09. Her first two shots did not seem to be a problem. She said her arm hurt really badly after the shot, and the next day she complained of leg pains she hadn't had before. Within a few days, she had a high fever with body aches like the flu, except it wasn't the flu. She felt better, but a week later she still had a low grade fever. She was tested and had strep throat, and was treated with anti-biotics. A week later she started having stomach cramps and diarrhea. It's now March 18th and she still has diarrhea. I think it's criminal this vaccination is being given to our young women. How on earth could anyone think "possibly" preventing HPV and/or cervical cancer is worth the risk of what my daughter and so many others are having to go through?
-- By rgstone83

March 17th
7:28 AM

My 16 old daughter took the Gardasil shots. Since then she has complained about being tired all the time. Stomach pains , loss of consciousness. She states she feel like an old woman. Has missed several days of school because it. Please help me warn others go to the
******and let people know this is the Bogalusa, La. Newspaper. I had the article wrote.
-- By luvmickey2

March 4th
5:46 PM

I received my first Gardasil shot back in September '08, and my second shot December '08. I was supposed to go back the 1st of this month to get the third but decided not to go. After the first shot my whole arm was so sore I could barely move it for about a week. I became extremely tired and run down, and began getting symptoms like I had the flu. These symptoms lasted for about two weeks after the shot, them seemed to somewhat go away. I figured my body was just not used to the medication so I went ahead with the second shot. This time the symptoms were worse.

Again my arm was sore to the point of not being able to use it, and I was extremely tired. I remember going home from work that day and immediately going to bed at 5, no waking up until almost noon the next day. for the next couple of days i slept almost non stop until Monday when i had to get up for class. Since my second shot I have not had nearly as much energy as I used to, I am always tired and feeling like I need to take a nap even if I got over 8 hours of sleep. I feel like I am not all there, or as smart as I used to be for some reason. I'm not the same person I used to be. I wish I had never gotten the shots to begin with, I want all of my energy and my old life back.
-- By erika1990

February 25th
8:48 PM

My daughter who is 15 had her 2nd Gardasil shot in early February and I just realized since she has started Gardasil she has had 2 UTI's and has consistent stomach aches and vomiting. Do you believe that this is all caused by the Gardasil ?
-- By defurio

February 23th
12:53 PM

My 12 yr. old daughter had her first gardasil shot last summer and her 3rd in January. She has been complaining of headaches, nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, confusion, as she put it 'she felt like an alien'. I just figured it was preteen/body change/that time of the month stuff and thought it would pass. She only complained of headaches a few times after the first shot, didn't even think of them being from the shot but then more after the 2nd shot, still didn't make a connection, and now it's an every day thing. This morning again the headache/nausea/stomach pain, crying from the pain and Tylenol isn't helping. I got her to go to school but after 2 hours had to go pick her up. She said it was worse. We will be back at the doctors for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. With the possibility of this being from the gardasil, I wish I had never gotten the shots. The not knowing, is this from the gardasil? will it pass? get worse? and what she is going through. No it's not worth it
-- By debbiel

February 22th
8:47 AM

My 19 year old daughter has had "Urinary Tract like" symptoms for the past year at least 3 times -- back ache, blood in urine, etc. She has a daily routine of nausea, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting. She most recently added a seizure. She has lost over 40lbs in less than six months and has hair loss as well. She started the shots in June 2007 right after high school graduation. Her last shot was less than a year ago.Now looking back, she began these symptoms after the second shot.
-- By momofo

February 20th
8:41 PM

My 17 year old daughter had her scheduled three doses of gardasil and within the last month was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have tucked away the names of about a dozen others that have had the same diagnoses after two or three gardasil shots. I FIRMLY believe gardasil triggered my daughter's lymphoma. WILL NOT give it to my younger daughter and research each day to find statistical evidence. Hodgkins Lymphoma symptoms are: fever, night sweats, weight loss, itching, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, pain on drinking even a little alcohol. Most people do not experience all of these symptoms. The most common symptoms are swollen lymph nodes and fatigue. The itching and pain on alcohol consumption should be a big fat red flag! Beware...
-- By htlm2000

February 20th
11:06 AM

Wow. I am so grateful for this thread re: Gardasil. My daughter is 15 and for the past couple of years every doctor and nurse has advised me to get her vaccinated. I also receive forwarded e-mails from friends that only talk about the horror stories. The doctors say don't believe what you read on the internet. The last time she was in for a physical for her sports clearance, I signed the consent form for her to get the vaccine. I also told the nurse to leave it up to her. If she's ready to get it today, let her. If not, no big deal. Up until that time she felt she should get it.

I was surprised (and now thankful) that when she came out of the room, she decided against it for no reason. She is the one that when she get a fever, it's severe and she hallucinates, ends up with the weird viruses and out of school for days, has been to the er thinking she was dying with unexplained severe abdominal pain, and even had scarlet fever last year. She's otherwise very healthy, she just gets hit with strange things. That being said, I have no doubt that she would be one of the girls with terrible, possibly life changing side effects and I just cannot take that chance. So, thank you to all for sharing your experiences and I am so sorry for all the pain and suffering this vaccine has caused you all. My heart goes out to you.
-- By karent

February 15th
11:36 AM

I posted a short one, would like to add to it. My daughter was taken by ambulance twice last week to the ER, after having violent seizure like episodes. On second visit, she had several while we were waiting to be seen. She spent 5 days in the hospital, having these episodes as few as 10, as many as 30. lasting any where from 4 minutes to 40. She screams out in pain. It's like her entire back, including arms, legs, hands, feet are having a severe muscle spasm at that same time. If you look up dystonia, the definition fits. Dr. said it was too severe for that diagnosis.

They ran EEG, EKG, Cat Scan, MRI, X-ray, extensive blood and urine work, video for 24 hours, with EEG. Everything was normal. DR decided it was stress and anxiety. Released from hospital still having episodes. I called a dystonia specialist in Maryland, she asked if she had the GARDASIL shots. Said it sounded like a side effect she had heard of. Well, after reading all these blogs, youtube, I believe it's the GARDASIL causing her problems. I knew it wasn't stress & anxiety. We are currently detoxing with ionizing foot baths, gluten free diet and meds from Health food store, called HMD-Heavy Metal Detox. I feel we are moving in the right direction. My daughter is a cheerleader, dancer and honor student. She just wants her life back. It has been on hold for 2 weeks now. I consider her one of the lucky girls, after reading many blogs. God Bless each and everyone of you. Sign the petition to stop hurting our girls.
-- By robrich24

February 9th
7:35 PM

My 19 year old daughter received the first shot in March 2008. She immediately had a severe back pain. She had her first seizure in April. She got the second shot in May and had more seizures, fatigue, headaches, severe stabbing stomach pains, body aches and pains, tremor, hair loss, vision problems, 2 UTI's, mono like symptoms - swollen glands, bruising and bleeding gums are the most recent symptom. She had daily seizures throughout the summer and they are now about every 5-6 weeks. She is fighting to recover from this horrible nightmare called Gardasil. Thank goodness we figured this out and she did not get the third shot. If you want to sign the petition to get this vaccine in front of Congress go to:
-- By angrymom

There are so many other stories too numerous to post. We can vent out our frustrations with fighting back through educating others.

how do these people live with themselves. they are ruining the lives of these young girls. It seems like no insurance is a blessing in disguise sometimes.

Pretty bad when hundreds of stories like these are all over this website and the criminal eugenicist FDA won't pull the drug! It's quite obvious their intentions and the conspiracy is the cover up.

January 2th
2:26 PM

When my daughter was 15 her dr suggested she get the vaccine. Trusting the doctors advice, i ok'd it. The first two injections were fine. Immediately after receiving her 3rd, her arm, neck, and shoulder got really sore and then about two weeks later she developed severe pain in her upper abdomen causing her to pass out. That was on November 22, 2007 and she hasn't been the same since. She has suffered severe pain, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, IBS, anxiety attacks and depression brought on by the sickness. Our life for the past year has consisted of going to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with her. She has been diagnosed with mono, UTI's, had her gal bladder removed, etc. Funny, they diagnose her with all these things but no treatments have worked. She went from being a very beautiful, active 15 year old girl with lots of friends and activities to barely being able to get out of bed in the morning. My question is, does anybody know how to help or what to do ?
-- By sledmom

January 3th
10:49 AM

I am 14 and received one shot in November 2007. I was very, very ill with throwing up and severe abdominal pain, kidney issues, high blood pressure, a strange rash, headaches, low grade fever and a few other symptoms. i was in and out of the hospital for about 3 or 4 months until i saw a nutritionist in California named M. F. Him and his wife (a chiropractor) have helped me get pretty much back to normal. If need any advice or help you can email me at ****** or my mom at ******. Please contact me with any questions. This shot has been horrible on my health and overall life but i might be able to help.
-- By lyrics4christ

January 5th
7:40 PM

I received my first gardasil shot this year and was in bed for 2 days with severe cramps. When I went back for my 2nd round of shots I mentioned the severe cramping and my family doctor said the 2 weren't related. At that same appointment she reviewed a complete workup that I had done since she was a new doctor and I was completely healthy except my cholesterol being a little high which I knew was due to eating a lot of fast food at the time b/c of a new work atmosphere. I have now had all 3 shots and recently just went in for my obgyn annual and now I have a yeast infection that a week worth of antibiotics haven't gotten rid of and have to go back for a procedure because I have abnormal cells. I have never had any problems like this and haven't been sexually active in over a year. I am very very worried especially after reading others problems
-- By dj6916

January 6th
12:30 PM

My daughter is 11 years old. In Nov 08 she received her first Gardasil shot, she did okay at first just some very mild tenderness at the injection site. Just two days ago, she was just lounging around the house and a substantial chunk of her hair fell out! Of course she was devastated and I immediately called her pediatrician. The on call doctor did not seem concerned and didn't' provide any useful information so I took to the internet. I found photos of Alopecia Areata that looked EXACTLY like the bald spot on my daughters head, same shape and size. I searched for a couple days and racked my brain trying to figure out what caused this to happen to a healthy, athletic 11 year old, then I found this website. Although none of the other sites even mention hair loss as a side effect to Gardasil, I now realize that it has occurred in many. I am connived it was the Gardasil that caused this.
-- By ggill78

January 21th
3:25 PM

I am 20 years old and my sister is 17 years old. My sister received her first shot about a month and a half before I received mine. Her arm was sore for a few weeks. After a few weeks have passed she began to itch all over her body, and began to have blotches all over (the worst spot was her ankles and feet-they looked swollen). She went to the doctor and he said that he did not think it was from the gardasil shot, but could be irritated and dry skin.

So, not thinking it would happen to me as well, I received my shot. Everything seemed fine, no pain at all. But then About a month later ( a week ago ) I woke up to itching ALL over(extremely bad on my stomach & arms). I tried using an anti-itch lotion and took medicine to attempt the itching and redness to go away and keep washing myself , but it did not really do anything. When I woke up the next day, it was mostly gone and the doctor said he did not think it was from the shot either. I just found it to be quite a coincidence that my sister AND i both received itchy-blotchiness around the same time period after the shot. But, after my sister received her second shot she was perfectly fine, with the exception of a soar arm where the shot was taken place. I did not go for my second one yet, but I hope everything turns out okay! If anyone else received any type of blotches or itchiness please let me know, we are very curious to see if its happened to anyone else too.
-- By julz311

January 21th
5:50 PM

My daughter received the vaccination when she was 17. She also had the meningitis and hep vaccinations with the 1st and 3rd doses. (I have since learned that multi-vaccinating is not recommended.) She developed pneumonia between the 1st and 2nd doses (could have been related or not) and then when she started school in the fall of '07, she continued to struggle with colds, etc. This could, obviously, be all college-related and just how it is in college. However, last week she told me that she got her period AGAIN - after only another two weeks. That was the 2nd month of periods every two weeks. She is also sick again (She was sent to the hospital with flu-like symptoms at Christmas-time).

I started researching auto-immune disorders and found that her illnesses could be related to Gardasil. She was pretty healthy until she was vaccinated. She also complained last year of her hair falling out, but she has a thick head of hair and I told her to take her vitamins. Now I'm really concerned that the Gardasil could be causing some serious problems after reading all the posts. She has an appt. next week with an OB/GYN. Sounds like so many have had similar problems. I am so upset with myself for having thought the vaccine was a good idea. Please pass the word to your friends that this vaccine has not been fully tested. I don't believe it's safe.
-- By nyminnow

December 24th
12:40 AM

Hello Everyone,

Reading your stories has brought tears to my eyes. I have received my first shot two months ago, on October 20th. Since October 24, I have had nothing but struggle. I am 25 years old and have been in good health my entire life. The only thing I have ever had a struggle with was UTIs, approximately 2 times a year. However, they were gone with the first dose of antibiotics, within 24 hours. Couple of years ago, my gynecologist had completely cured me from that annoying disease through a course of medication that I took for two months. That was not a very easy process but I was free at last. I did not have a care in the world. However, my nightmare came back after the first Gardasil shoot.

Exactly three days later, I woke up with severe pains in my lower abdomen, as well as all the other common symptoms of a UTI. Honestly, being as careful as I always have been with UTIs, I did not put Gardasil and this infection together. I went to my doctor. She tested me for a UTI, said I had a small presence of bacteria in my urine, and released me with a prescription for Macrobid. After a week of taking the meds, things were not looking up. It has been two months, and things have not gotten better. About two weeks ago I started searching for other causes of this pain that is resisting going away.

I have been on three courses of antibiotics and going back to my doc tomorrow, after coming across this discussion. I have never experienced pain like this before, having considered myself a veteran of UTIs. I thank you for sharing your stories and advise everyone to think twice about having these shots or taking your children. I am not going back for another dose of this nightmare! I don't even know when I will feel normal again. Everyday starts with a thought: "Will I feel pain when I go to the bathroom today?" I am now completely sure that Gardasil had everything to do with my recent condition.
-- By tgasparyan

Please Wake Up!:

Yeah, definitely watch out for Gardasil ... Bad, Bad, Bad. 

Here's a blog about a young girl who just recently passed away.  They said that she had an ALS type of disease.  Her symptoms started within weeks of her getting her last Gardasil shot.  Her parents aren't saying with certainty that it was from the shot but they think that it is a good possibility.

Very sad.

Matt Hatter:
It's all a coincidence. Gardisil is GOOD for you!


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