JAPAN - Mother forced daughter to have sex with step-dad, 71 for cash

Author Topic: JAPAN - Mother forced daughter to have sex with step-dad, 71 for cash  (Read 55843 times)

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Girl forced to have sex with step-dad, 71

From correspondents in Tokyo
April 23, 2009 04:52pm

POLICE in Japan have arrested a woman for allegedly forcing her 15-year-old daughter to have paid sex with the girl's former step-father, aged 71.
The woman, 55, allegedly received hundreds of dollars from her ex-husband and gave about 10,000 yen ($A142) to the daughter, police said.

"I didn't want to but my mother told me to do this," the daughter said, according to police.

Police learnt about the case when the man turned himself in. They said they were investigating alleged abuse cases that took place at the man's house after the couple divorced.

"Before things escalated to this level, the mother had brought the daughter to the man's house several times and apparently allowed him to molest her," a police spokesman said.

"We are investigating those incidents too."

The three people were not named to protect the identity of the minor.


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Re: JAPAN - Mother forced daughter to have sex with step-dad, 71 for cash
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is it just me or does japan prove time and time again that it has become one screwed up perverted culture
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them Asians aint right