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[-] Is Costa Rica the next Vietnam? Bilderberg now owns the entire US armed forces

[-] *The Annexation of Haiti-SOUTHCOM running drill of Haiti disaster the day before the earthquake-How did they know?

[-] Asia-Pacific Union

[-] Thailand


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[1] INTERPOL - New World Order "International" Police Force

[2] Lick The Jack Boots: Reports and stories of outrageous control policy

[3] Taser Watch Australia - Counting the Deaths by Less Lethal Weapons

[4] Merrill, Rothschild, RBS to Advise the State of Queensland on assest Sale

[5] Mandatory ISP-level internet filtering policy disappears from Government agenda

[6] Keep roads safe - breath test pedestrians

[7] 9/11 Truth Australia / New Zealand / Ireland / U.K / Canada / Japan & Worldwide

[8] Russia: UK Staged Skripal ‘Chemical Attack’

[9] Christian Author: Britons Angry Over Skripal Case


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