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[-] Breaking News/Very Important Threads/Most important issues/Basic Information on the New World Order

[-] 2012 GOP Confirmed Voter Fraud is only expanding the Ron Paul r-EVOL-ution

[-] CISPA, NDAA, SOPA, Rex84, removing citizenship, 'Authorized Assassinations,' Nazi Drones and other fake bills that are illegal, unconstitutional, and have zero authority under the law of the land

[-] Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA): Slow takeover of the United States by False Flags and Asymmetric Warfare

[-] War with Libya: Undeclared, Illegal, and Completely exposed as a theft of water rights

[-] EARTHQUAKE! ... NLE11 HAARP/STUXNET Earthquake/Nuke Attacks during NLE11 being used to create a 'Green Nazi' Patriot Act

[-] TSA have gone competely insane. Raping children and grandmothers while giving us cancer

[-] Assassins murder anti-Safeway Amendment and pro-2nd Amendment Federal Judge at a Safeway Store in Arizona

[-] ***NWO Whistleblower Extermination Program in FULL EFFECT***

[-] *GOVERNOR JESSE VENTURA'S Conspiracy Theory on TruTV

[-] ***North Korea: An NWO puppet regime for MK Ultra studies and WWIII staging grounds

[-] The People v. Elena Kagan...100% Proof that the Supreme Court is compromised and must be investigated

[-] Absolute Proof that the CIA has staged a coup in the United States and Need to be defunded/prosecuted or as RP puts it: "Taken Out"

[-] *Mainstream Media: Effects Based Operations uses Comcast/ATT/TimeWarner/FOX to provocate a Civil War!

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[-] PhD Investigative Reports (only for the hardcore)


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[1] Nude Photos of various NWO sluts "leaked" onto the internet

[2] Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines "New World Order"

[3] Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children

[4] Malaysia 777 Flight MH370 is missing

[5] Weaponized Ebola A NWO Dream Come True If USA Gets Hit Hard

[6] Mission Accomplished? Iraq Violence Climbs to Highest Level in Years

[7] Offical Declaration Of War: US / EU Desperate For War With Russia

[8] US DRONE STRIKES IN SOMALIA ~ Attack On Al-Shabaab Network

[9] POLL: World War III---On The Near Horizon...?


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