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[-] False Flags / Shootings / Riots / Bombings / and other NWO "Events"

[-] CISPA, NDAA, SOPA, Rex84, removing citizenship, 'Authorized Assassinations,' Nazi Drones and Other Fake 'Laws' l

[-] Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA): Slow takeover of the United States by False Flags and Asymmetric Warfare

[-] EARTHQUAKE! ... NLE11 HAARP/STUXNET Earthquake/Nuke Attacks during NLE11 being used to create a 'Green Nazi' Patriot Act

[-] Assassination, Murder, Suicides, Accidents

[-] WHISTLEBLOWERS Extermination & Imprisonment Program ***

[-] The People v. Elena Kagan...100% Proof that the Supreme Court is compromised and must be investigated

[-] CIA has staged a Coup in the United States

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[1] Alan Watt almost died recently

[2] Zika Virus - The New Globalist Plague Disease

[3] TB Tuberculosis in the US - 13 million in US with latent TB

[4] Donald Trump thread

[5] Clinton emails so secret some lawmakers can't read them

[6] A Mysterious Bacterial Infection Is Killing People In The Midwest

[7] Vaxxed Movie - Axed

[8] Elite Caught...moving wealth offshore Banks - $21 trillion - Panama Papers

[9] Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79


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