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Last post by iamc2
in Re: Blaming the poor for...
on May 15, 2015, 08:48:39 pm

Child Boards: *Researching recent False Flag Events, Curious Deaths, Connecting the Dots, Patsy Training/Arrests, and Government Provocateurs
No New Posts 2012 GOP Confirmed Voter Fraud is only expanding the Ron Paul r-EVOL-ution

This board exposes the rampant voter fraud, the history of voter fraud, the false flag cover stories to justify BS 'surges' by inferior candidates, and the evidence of how inferior these globalist puppet challengers to Ron Paul are. Due to the tens of thousands of confirmed cases of voter fraud by the current hijackers of the GOP fake leadership, the entire country now sees clearly how we have been duped into being assigned such horrendous puppet presidents. After Rothschild, Harriman, Bush, and Rockefeller blew JFK's brains out, the treasonous British occupation of US political systems via the Council on Foreign Relations continues to treat the American people as slaves on their colonies. Their complete fraud in the Iowa GOP primary has just confirmed what we have already known: there is a exponentially increasing effort by the Bilderberg psychos to make sure that the land of the free never has representative government again. People who never questioned the fraud in 2000 are now seeing what happened. Those who never thought twice about the 2008 Ohio voter fraud now know it is a historical fact. The New World Order technocratic eugenecists are exposing themselves with the brazen fraud everywhere. Rockefeller already admitted to the gameplan and he also exposed his co-conspirators to this now obvious slowly incremental coup de-tat of our constitutional republic: "We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." -David Rockefeller Bilderberg Group meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in June 1991.

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Last post by jofortruth
in Re: * Why Ron Paul ran f...
on May 22, 2015, 08:00:52 am

No New Posts CISPA, NDAA, SOPA, Rex84, removing citizenship, 'Authorized Assassinations,' Nazi Drones and other fake bills that are illegal, unconstitutional, and have zero authority under the law of the land

These anti-American globalist acts of unholy treason are instantly exposed as Nazi/Stalinist clear and present threats to the National Security of the United States of America. What is truly amazing is that they are pushed through congress through fraud, extortion, bribery, blackmail, and just plain lies after the treasonous acts are already committed by globalist enemies of the state. The bills are used to retro-actively cover up the crimes against humanity and against the United States as they are being exposed. The same thing occured to pass the Patriot Act, MCA, FISA, etc. The illegalities were already being conducted by enemies of the United States and these fake bills are ritualistically voted on by cowards, snakes, and sub-elite groveling slaves as if it has any legal merit whatsoever. To think these total horsecrap 'bills' are legal requires a person to live in Philip Zelikow's 'parallel universe' where his 'manipulation of public myths' has been successful in removing reality from the framework of a person's awareness. The bills are a fraud, they are illegal, they are unconstitutional, they are the opposite of the very essense of the United States' foundation, they go against common law, nature's law, god's law, the magna carta, and even Cyrus the Great's declaration of human rights written thousands of years ago. Just realize that they are as legal as a bill saying 'people need to throw their babies out the window' even if it were to pass the house and senate with 100% approval, even if the president were to sign it and even if the supreme court were to say "yup, y'all gotta throw your babies out the window." This has been proven over and over again. Always remember Dwight Eisenhower's warning regarding the gloablists' trick of claiming to provide security by destroying our constitutional foundation: “We will destroy from within what we are trying to protect from without.”


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Last post by Letsbereal
in Cops Assault & Beat Hand...
on May 21, 2015, 02:04:58 am

Child Boards: 1st Amendment Violations are a Threat to National Security, From Freedom to Fascism, 4th Amendment Violations are a Threat to National Security, ***POLICE STATE 4***, ***Fall of the Republic*** [MUST SEE THIS AGAIN!], Invisible Empire by Jason Bermas, Fabled Enemies by Jason Bermas, Legislation being pushed through at light speed for Banker's Control Grid, Even with Bribes and Intimidation, the NWO deathcare plan is exposed as a Nazi eugenics scheme and bailout for Big Insurance, Finance Reform Bill is a surveillance plus Bailout plus Protection of Federal Reserve Bill
No New Posts Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA): Slow takeover of the United States by False Flags and Asymmetric Warfare

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Last post by Al Bundy
in Re: ***BREAKING: OTPOR/C...
on May 22, 2015, 08:51:34 am

Child Boards: Rockefeller/Rothschild current false flag plans, Cyberterror false flags used to promote scientific dictatorship (cyberterrorism is a racket), CSIS - We run the show, the government you see is fake, Ptech and the use of transportation (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles) for assassinations and false flags, #OccupyWallStreet has grassroots transformed into #OccupyTheFed, RAND Corporation 'Smart Mob' events to destabilize the United States of America, Cybernetics, CYBERTERRORISM - Admitted to be 100% controlled by CIA/FBI/NRO/NSA/NCS, General Electric and Black & Veatch CYBERNETIC takeover of US Economic Systems
No New Posts War with Libya: Undeclared, Illegal, and Completely exposed as a theft of water rights

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Last post by jerryweaver
in Re: Nobel Committee aske...
on March 03, 2015, 11:17:52 pm

Child Boards: CFR/IMF manufactured fake revolutions being used to take over North Africa
No New Posts EARTHQUAKE! ... NLE11 HAARP/STUXNET Earthquake/Nuke Attacks during NLE11 being used to create a 'Green Nazi' Patriot Act

Kissinger/Buffett's "Nuclear Threat Initiative" has mandated that such false flag operations be executed. The Nuclear Threat Initiative is the PNAC Organization for the Japan Flase Flag. This attack on Japan's Nuclear Reactors coincides with NLE11 involving the same drills that are now going live including: Ardent Sentry 11 (N/NC), Turbo Challenge, Ultimate Caduceus, Noble Life Saver. These series of Wargames, like on 9/11, represent an opportunity for ANSER Institute of Homeland Security/RAND/MITRE/CSIS/BAE Systems to complete their progressive takeover of the US Government. Black & Veatch's Fracking technology as well as HAARP has already paved the way for this "catastrophic" Kissinger style false flag event. Here is the official report: "The Federal Government is actively planning National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE-11), currently scheduled for May 16-20, 2011. This exercise will be more complex than typical NRC exercises as it will involve numerous licensees (power and non-power reactors, fuel cycle facilities, and materials) and "roundtheclock" real-time play over a 4-day period. The NLE-11 scenario is a large-scale natural disaster stemming from a major earthquake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone extending from northeastern Arkansas to Missouri. In the scenario, earthquake effects will be felt throughout a large section of the middle of the United States. The NRC requested participation from interested licensees in the affected region. Many have agreed to support the activity. This exercise is designed to challenge Federal, State and local authorities, as well as the private sector, in effectively implementing the National Response Framework and its associated implementing mechanisms."

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Last post by Letsbereal
in The Global Warming Hoax ...
on May 20, 2015, 01:31:34 pm

Child Boards: Military Drills preparing the United States for False Flags like 9/11, 7/7, cyber & bio terror, Global Warming Fraud intended to increase central control, MEXICO/CARBON TAX SUMMIT (Per Alex), *CLIMATEGATE: Whistleblower exposes global warming is a HOAX!, COREXIT: HG Wells 'Gas of Peace' owned by Nalco/Blackstone/Rothschild and used for depopulating the planet, False Flag Oil Rig Explosion used to push Carbon Credit Ponzi Scheme, ***FRACKING - Exposed by Gasland Film - A Halliburton and Black & Veatch assault on the environment and humanity itself, Battelle Labs--Aerosol Virus Delivery System, 9/11, Anthrax, Chemtrails, Nanotech, Carbon Tax, Project Blue Beam, SIEMEN'S STUXNET planned to be used during NLE11 to destroy US infrastucture in preparation for CSIS takeover, HAARP / CERN, Bilderberg news outlets actively conditioning the public for California Earthquake False Flag , Weather including Earthquakes, SWINE FLU EXPOSED! Evidence that NOVARAX/CDC/WHO/BAXTER/ROCHE created the PANDEMIC for power and profit!, NLE 09/10 is an over 10,000 person government exercise to conduct false flag terror attacks and evaluate them
No New Posts TSA have gone competely insane. Raping children and grandmothers while giving us cancer

TSA has gone completely off the charts. Jane Lute is a certified psychopath with a delusional "god complex" who believes the UN should dissolve The United States of America thus committing open sedition in plain view. Big sis is her little sock puppet and she does whatever Jane tells her to. These Nazis are now working with Raytheon lobbyist William Lynn III who not only lies to congress' face, but also uses his Cyber Storm crimes against humanity to launch his own computer viruses like Stuxnet which has been confirmed to be a Microsoft/Siemens/DoD project. And look at the head of TSA...Mr. John Pistole who said in a live press conference that he will continue to publicly rape grandmothers, children, babies, handicapped, teens, and send the video of the naked rape session to offshore elites for their personal circle jerk contests. Oh yeah everybody knows about Buckingham Palace's private viewing rooms! And he is giving the whole country "CHERTOFF-CERTIFIED" cancer...the cancer that says "we beat the terrorists by slowly dying while Chertoff got rich...yippeee!"

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Last post by windyacres
in TSA Workers Caught Manip...
on April 16, 2015, 12:27:40 am

No New Posts Assassins murder anti-Safeway Amendment and pro-2nd Amendment Federal Judge at a Safeway Store in Arizona

Anti-Government Trilateral Terrorists are sending a message to the judicial branch of government like they did with the legislature (Ryan, Wellstone, RFK) and executive (Lincoln, JFK)

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Last post by JFK Truther
in JFK assassination & the ...
on April 22, 2015, 10:45:04 am

Child Boards: Arizona's defiance of the Globalist agenda to bankrupt the United States, Multiple Shootings Hyped by the MSM , JFK, Anthrax Letters, ***Austin, TX NRO "Plane in Building" False Flag as bragged by Cass Sunstein, Times Square FF occured during NLE10 and during bomb drill exercise intended to stop anti-war and anti-opium trade sentiment and usher in precrime surveillance systems, CASE STUDY: CIA's Underwear Patsy False Flag Plane Bomber
No New Posts ***NWO Whistleblower Extermination Program in FULL EFFECT***

CNN/MSNBC/FOX/CBS/ABC accomplices in covering up multiple murders of whistleblowers and families of whistleblowers

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Last post by Stevie440
in Re: Madoff associate dro...
on January 31, 2015, 05:50:34 pm

No New Posts *GOVERNOR JESSE VENTURA'S Conspiracy Theory on TruTV


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Last post by BluePhoenix729
in Re: Jesse Ventura's Cons...
on February 01, 2015, 05:46:05 am

Child Boards: CASE STUDY: Infragard
No New Posts ***North Korea: An NWO puppet regime for MK Ultra studies and WWIII staging grounds

Rothschild/Rockefeller/Beatrix own North Korea and keep it alive to see how their eugenics and mind control experiments are doing. They executed Kim Jung Il's father and promoted Kim to the top as long as he does their bidding. The entire country is a Nazi concentration camp used as a test site for all NWO concentration camps in the future.

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Last post by gilius2k14
in Documentaries on North K...
on May 22, 2014, 01:30:05 pm

No New Posts The People v. Elena Kagan...100% Proof that the Supreme Court is compromised and must be investigated

Elena Kagan's nomination and the lapdog Senate confirmation hearings gives the people of the United States a very rare opportunity to expose the abhorrent conflicts of interest within the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS is now open and exposed as an entity which requires grand jury investigations. Our constitutional republic is a steadfast stand for justice, liberty, and equality and when the people who serve this great nation are proven to be compromised, for the sake of the government it is the people's duty to investigate. Grand Jury investigations protected by the constitutional republic and a key part of our government must be initiated.

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Last post by Geniocrat
in Re: Petitions to Prove H...
on October 17, 2013, 05:27:23 pm

No New Posts Absolute Proof that the CIA has staged a coup in the United States and Need to be defunded/prosecuted or as RP puts it: "Taken Out"

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Last post by Letsbereal
in Saudi Arabia Orders Its ...
on April 21, 2015, 06:13:43 pm

Child Boards: CIA'S WAR IN AFGHANISTAN, ***IRAN BOMB PLANS GREEN LIGHTED BY BILDERBERG 2010 IN SPAIN!, CIA'S WAR IN PAKISTAN, CIA's WAR IN AFRICAN NATIONS, CIA'S WAR IN YEMEN, CIA'S WAR IN IRAQ AND CIA'S GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR, ***CIA WARCRIMES EXPOSED including TORTURE institutionalized by Pelosi/Bush/Cheney, Fort Dix: Center Stage for New World Order Plots, CIA and the G7 Banksters Exterminating US Soldiers in mass genocide projects, CASE STUDY: Blackwater/Xe = CIA, CIA = Blackwater/Xe, CASE STUDY: CIA collaboration with Telecom... FISA Immunity, CASE STUDY: Funding CIA terrorists at AIG
No New Posts *Mainstream Media: Effects Based Operations uses Comcast/ATT/TimeWarner/FOX to provocate a Civil War!

National Reconnaissance afraid, be very afraid

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Last post by ChloeBlue
in tRe: "OK" (A-ok) Hand Si...
on April 12, 2015, 09:35:38 am

Child Boards: GE/MSNBC, ABC/Disney, CNN, ADL, and SPLC Demonizing Anti-War Citizens and Conditioning for a False Flag bragged about by Cass Sunstein, MSNBC (GE) Chris Matthews slanderous documentary 'Rise of the new right' is an example of how GE is a complete 'Failure of the Old Wrong', CIA'S PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD: Mainstream Media / War and Tyranny Propaganda, Predictive Programming for "Things to Come", Case Study: History Channel, Glenn Beck - FBI Provocateur for Saudi/British/China backed businessman Rupert Murdoch, CASE STUDY: Anti-Semites at the ADL fabricate evidence to protect Hitler's Supporters, Lady Gaga and the rest of the illuminazi "super cool" media puppets
No New Posts International News

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Last post by Al Bundy
in Re: New Cold war ?
on May 22, 2015, 11:09:46 am

Child Boards: The 2010 Coup d'etat in Poland - Regime Change by Decapitation, ***Current Genocide in Gaza***, Is Costa Rica the next Vietnam? Bilderberg now owns the entire US armed forces, *The Annexation of Haiti-SOUTHCOM running drill of Haiti disaster the day before the earthquake-How did they know?, Asia-Pacific Union, Thailand, Greece's battle for freedom and independence from EU slavery, Russia / Georgia War, CASE STUDY: Kosovo-Manufacturing Fake Independence
No New Posts PhD Investigative Reports (only for the hardcore)

These lengthy investigative reports expose the corporations behind the many acts of tyranny, 9/11, and plans for the future

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Last post by TahoeBlue
in Re: Hippie Archeology
on April 20, 2015, 02:19:40 pm

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