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... so. I guess the far left weren't FAR ENOUGH LEFT?

Embattled DNC Asks All Staffers
For Resignation Letters


Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has launched a major reshuffling of the party's organization that has been stung by recent crisis — and the DNC has requested the resignation letters of all current staffers be submitted by next month.

Party staff routinely see major turnover with a new boss and staffers were alerted earlier to expect such a move. However, the mass resignation letters will give Perez a chance to completely remake the DNC's headquarters from scratch. Staffing had already reached unusual lows following a round of layoffs in December.

"Major staffing and structure changes will be announced in
coming weeks, one aide said. The DNC declined to comment for this story."

Perez has included Ellison in many of the DNC's public event so far, but the party's charter makes no provision for a deputy chair, so Ellison does not actually have vote on the DNC. That could be fixed by naming the Minnesota congressman to one of the 75 slots the chairman gets to appoint to the national committee.
These TSA's have been doing this for years, a sick granny was flying to another state with her daughter, they removed her from a wheel chair stripped her to the diapers, hd the daughter actualy remove the diaper to have a look see. A four year old was given a boby pat down, it took the TSA a tad more time than is required by their rules, his dad raised hell and was quickly intimidated.
  Please remember half these guys applied to a help want add on pizza boxes, bear in mind LIL Georgy Bush created the TSA this implosion of fed employees, you can bet he is having one of his sick laughs. All part of the elites planning, in short the TSA was on the table long before the initiation.
L.A. Mayor - He is a NWO communist Demoncat TWOFER ...

Eric Michael Garcetti
(born February 4, 1971) is the current mayor of Los Angeles. A member of the Democratic Party, he was first elected mayor in 2013, and won reelection in the 2017 election. A former member of the Los Angeles City Council, Garcetti served as council president from 2006 to 2012. Garcetti is the city's first elected Jewish mayor, as well as its youngest and second Mexican American mayor in over a century. In 2015, Garcetti became the first mayor of a major American city to sign a $15 minimum wage law, which began to gradually take effect beginning in 2016.

Garcetti is the son of Sukey (Roth) and the former Los Angeles County district attorney Gil Garcetti. His paternal grandfather, Salvador Garcetti, was born in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico and was brought to the United States as a child after his father, Massimo "Max" Garcetti, a judge and emigrant to Mexico from Italy, was hanged during the Mexican Revolution.[3][4][5] His paternal grandmother, Juanita Iberri, was born in Arizona, one of 19 children born to an emigrant father from Sonora, Mexico and a mother born in Arizona to an Irish father and a Mexican mother.[2] His maternal grandfather, Harry Roth, founded and ran the clothing brand Louis Roth Clothes;[2] Eric's maternal grandparents were from Russian Jewish immigrant families.[2][3][4][5] It has also been reported that Garcetti's family is of Litvak descent.[6]

He studied as a Rhodes Scholar[8] at The Queen's College, Oxford[9] and also studied for a PhD in ethnicity and nationalism at the London School of Economics.[1]

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This is funny ... A Jewish Mayor,  Hillary Clinton  and Islam ...
Hillary Clinton Holds Round Table with Muslim Community Leaders In LA

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) talks with Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti (L) during a roundtable discussion at the University of Southern California on March 24, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

In the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels, Hillary Clinton hosted a homeland security roundtable with Muslim leaders and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

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Hillary Clinton Holds Round Table with Muslim Community Leaders In LA
In This Photo: Hillary Clinton, Eric Garcetti, Salam Al Maryati

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C) speaks during a roundtable discussion as Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti (L) and Salam Al Maryati (R) look on at the University of Southern California on March 24, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. In the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels, Hillary Clinton hosted a homeland security roundtable with Muslim leaders and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

(March 23, 2016 - Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America)
Salam al-Marayati

A founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director, Salam al-Marayati's family moved to the United States from Iraq when he was a young boy.[1] He gained national attention in 1999, when then-House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt nominated him to serve on the National Commission on Terrorism. Gephardt later withdrew the nomination after a public backlash highlighted al-Marayati's defense of terrorist acts and the groups who carry them out.[2]

Al-Marayati's record on defending terrorist groups and extremists is substantial. During a 2002 speech at the State Department, Salam al-Marayati, said, "Rashid Ghannouchi is an example of those who promote this need for dialogue between civilizations, not confrontation."[3] Ghannoushi was the head of Tunisia's banned Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Al-Nahda Party and was convicted by a Tunisian court of responsibility for a bomb blast that blew the foot off a British tourist.[4]

In a 1999 PBS interview, he called Hizballah attacks "legitimate resistance,"[5] but later added "when a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, we stand very loudly and clearly against that Muslim that committed that act of violence."[6]

Yet in 1996, he issued no condemnation for a man who crashed his car into a crowded Jerusalem bus stop, shouting Allahu Akbar. One person was killed and 23 others injured in the incident. The attacker was shot dead at the scene, something al-Marayati condemned as a "provocative act" and he called for the shooter's extradition to the United States to stand trial.[7]

Al-Marayati has continued to attempt to minimize terrorist attacks by Muslims, decry U.S. government anti-terrorism measures, and blame anything he can on the state of Israel. For instance, on September 11, 2001, on a Los Angeles radio program al-Marayati said, ""If we're going to look at suspects, we should look to the groups that benefit the most from these kinds of incidents, and I think we should put the state of Israel on the suspect list because I think this diverts attention from what's happening in the Palestinian territories so that they can go on with their aggression and occupation and apartheid policies."[8]

At a fundraising dinner for Palestinian Islamic Jihad member Sami Al-Arian in Anaheim, California in 2006, al-Marayati said to the attendees, "So if we have this case where we are being dictated upon, not only on terminology, but dictated upon on who speaks for us, and our organizations, our charities, are shut down one by one. Therefore, brothers and sisters, there is a storm that is coming. That storm is going to be worse than Japanese internment."[14]

Beyond the effect these words may have in causing hysteria, distrust, and fear in the Muslim-American community, al-Marayati has advised Muslims to shun FBI efforts to recruit informants. Speaking to an audience in Dallas in 2005, he stated, "We reject any efforts, notion, suggestion that Muslim should start spying on one another. In fact if you look at the Lodi case, the disaster of Lodi is that Muslims were reporting each other to the authorities saying, 'Oh, this person is an extremist' and the other camp saying the same things so both of them got in trouble. So, we are, this is the model not to follow."[15]

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Obama picks Salam al-Marayati, Islamic supremacist defender of Hamas and Hizballah, to represent US at human rights conference

October 7, 2012 4:51 am By Robert Spencer

What does Salam al-Marayati, who blamed Israel for 9/11 and defends the jihad terrorists Hamas and Hizballah, and is one of the most arrogant of Islamic supremacists in a field crowded with contenders, know about human rights?


“Criticism Mounts Over State Envoy,” from the Washington Free Beacon, October 5 (thanks to Alger):

Jewish leaders expressed outrage Friday over the State Department’s praise for, and defense of, a controversial Muslim leader who has defended terrorist groups and suggested that Israel may have been responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Salam al-Marayati, founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), was picked to represent the United States government at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s (OSCE) annual 10-day human rights conference, the Human Dimension Implementation Meetings (HDIM).

Al-Marayati’s well-known anti-Israel bona fides prompted Jewish leaders and others to express outrage over the Obama administration’s selection.

It looks like this mayor is dictating the terms to the folks of his city, are all the people taken into consideration or what?
SAD LA Mayor Responds To Sessions Action On Sanctuary Cities ...
Video for L.A. mayor responds to sessions▶ 10:07
22 mins ago - Uploaded by End Times Prophecy News
SAD: LA Mayor Responds To Sessions Action On "Sanctuary" Cities, And It's Bad ...
LA mayor vows to fight Sessions' sanctuary city warning
5 hours ago - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he plans to fight the Trump administration when it comes to federal funding of sanctuary cities. Garcetti's ...
Schumer loses cool with Trump supporter at swanky restaurant
By Emily Smith
March 27, 2017

Schumer, the top Senate Democrat, lost his cool on Sunday night at Upper East Side restaurant Sette Mezzo, according to witnesses.

He was dining with friends when he encountered Joseph A. Califano Jr. — the former US secretary of health, education and welfare under President Jimmy Carter and domestic policy adviser to President Lyndon B. Johnson — and his wife, Hilary, who were having a quiet dinner.

Onlookers said Schumer was incensed that Hilary — the daughter of William S. Paley, the founder and chairman of CBS — had voted for Trump, even though her husband, Joseph, is a well-known Democrat.

One witness said of the restaurant rant, “They are a highly respected couple, and Schumer made a scene, yelling, ‘She voted for Trump!’ The Califanos left the restaurant, but Schumer followed them outside.” On the sidewalk, Schumer carried on with his fantastical filibuster: “ ‘How could you vote for Trump? He’s a liar!’ He kept repeating, ‘He’s a liar!’ ”

Hilary confirmed the confrontation, telling Page Six, “Sen. Schumer was really rude . . . He’s our senator, and I don’t really like him. Yes, I voted for Trump. Schumer joined us outside and he told me Trump was a liar. I should have told him that Hillary Clinton was a liar, but I was so surprised I didn’t say anything.”
NWO Cultish Foundations/Symbolism/Networks/Hijacked Religions / Re: Islam
« Last post by TahoeBlue on March 28, 2017, 02:50:25 PM »
The franks in France live with islam every day ... what do they say?

61% of French adults say Islam is incompatible with their society and 79% support banning headscarves in universities, new poll shows
Majority of French adults believe modern Islam is not compatible with society
Number fell until Charlie Hebdo attacks, and has been rising steadily since
Just six per cent think Catholicism is incompatible, and 17 per cent for Judaism

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 06:21 EDT, 28 March 2017  | Updated: 06:27 EDT, 28 March 2017

Sixty one per cent of French people believe Islam is incompatible with their society, according to a new poll.

That figure had been falling sharply until the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015, and has been steadily growing ever since, an Ipsos survey found.

That is compared with six per cent of people who believe Catholicism is incompatible and 17 per cent who believe Judaism is incompatible.


A further 79 per cent of French people supported banning headscarves on university campuses, while another 77 per cent want to see the burkini banned.

France already has a nationwide law banning anyone from wearing a full-face veil, while several French Riviera towns attempted to ban full-body 'burkinis' in 2016, but the law was overturned

The survey shows that French attitudes toward religion are highly conservative, with 90 per cent believing that secularism is vital to the Republic

While just 39 per cent of people believe Islam is compatible with French society, that number is significantly higher than it was in 2013, when just 26 per cent of people agreed with the statement.

The number peaked at 47 per cent in January 2015, around the time of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and has been steadily falling since, according to Ipsos.

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Referendum / Re: IndyRef2 - Scotland - EU - Brexit
« Last post by EvadingGrid on March 28, 2017, 02:45:40 PM »
Scottish Parliament DEFIES Theresa May to vote for a new independence referendum after Nicola Sturgeon warns the PM she WON'T back down even if Westminster says no

HERE WE GO > >  > A GAIN !

Its the silly season because Brexit happens tomorrow

9/11 Material & Research / Re: Benevolence International and the far right
« Last post by Neuromancer on March 28, 2017, 02:23:53 PM »
In late 1981, McKay took part in a conference in Paris organized by Lord Bethell aimed at patching together an alliance of the more traditionalist groups of the mujahideen, under the banner of the Islamic Federation of Mujahideen. The groups included the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan of Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani—the group most patronized by Lord Bethell; the Afghan National Liberation Front of Sebghatullah Mojaddidi; and the Islamic Revolutionary Movement of Mohammed Nabi Mohammedi.

CFA was also engaged in raising funds for Radio Free Kabul, International Medical Aid, and Doctors Without Borders.

Some of CFA's key figures included:

Maj. Gen J. Milnor Roberts, chairman of the CFA board of directors, a member of the board of the U.S. branch of World Anti-Communist League (WACL) during the 1980s, and executive director of the Reserve Officers Association. In 1984, Roberts expressed satisfaction over the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, which he stated benefited the Afghan War against the Soviets. He also later told a journalist that the 1991 assassination of Rajiv Gandhi would help western interests in the region.

Charles Moser, professor of Slavic Studies at George Washington University.

David Isby, author of a book for Jane's Defense Weekly of Britain, which analyzed Soviet weaponry. Isby was working for Rep. Bobbi Fiedler (R-Calif.) when he joined the CFA. He later became a contributing editor and Soviet analyst for Soldier of Fortune magazine.

Brig. Gen. Theodore Mataxis, who served as a "military adviser" to the mujahideen, and also paid regular visits to the Salvadoran-based Contras, and the Cambodian rebels in Thailand. From 1986-70, Mataxis was a senior officer with the Army's Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) in Iran.
The list of CFA's Council of Advisers also included Gen. John Singlaub, the former international president of WACL who was deeply involved in various Iran-Contra operations; former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Daniel Graham; former Reagan-Bush administration National Security Adviser Richard V. Allen; Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.), Claiborne Pell, Paul Tsongas (D-Mass.), and Paul Simon (D-Ill.); and Representatives Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Gerald Solomon (R-N.Y.), Mickey Edwards (R-Okla.), and Charles Wilson (D-Tex.).

Other members of its advisory council included Washington Times editor Arnaud de Borchgrave, whose cousin Alexander de Marenches was then running French intelligence; and two known CIA operatives, Louis Dupree and Thomas Goutierre. A Peace Corps veteran of Afghanistan, Goutierre is now the director of the Center for Afghan Studies at the University of Nebraska. Dupree, formerly with the U.S. Military Academy, has written a book on Afghanistan and also authored many articles for Soldier of Fortune during the Afghan War.

Fundraisers for the CFA included the Bush-linked televangelist Pat Robertson, former Ambassador Angier Biddle Duke, and former U.S. Attorney General Eliot Richardson.
 I have not been on a plane since 2007...and will never fly need to anyways...

...if folks would stay Grounded...then the Nazi TSA would have to crawl back into Hades...
9/11 Material & Research / Re: Benevolence International and the far right
« Last post by Neuromancer on March 28, 2017, 02:08:31 PM »
Im surprised to find that Thierry Meyssan has written about this subject.

The World Anti-Communist League, international crime
December 2010.

...To combat the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, the American Security Council funded a thematic section of the WACL: the Committee for a Free Afghanistan (Committee for a Free Afghanistan) based in the Heritage Foundation. The operation begins on the occasion of an official visit by Margaret Thatcher and Lord Nicholas Bethell, department head of MI6, the United States and headed by General J. Milnor Roberts.

The Committee is directly involved in logistical support to “freedom fighters”, awarded by decision of CIA Director William Casey and run by Osama Bin Laden. The link between the WACL and the Saudi businessman Sheikh Ahmed Salah ensure Jamjoon collaborator of public works emporium Saudi Bin Laden Group, and a former Prime Minister of South Yemen.

In the Philippines, President Ferdinand Marcos who represents the WACL. But when it was overthrown in 1986, John K. Singlaub and Ray Cline arrive in the country to choose new partners there. Then create a guerrilla and paramilitary unit deposited in the general preference Fidel Ramos, a friend of Frank Carlucci, George H. Bush and Bin Laden.
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