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Historically, yes. As a whole, different people under the influence of different spirits. It's still there.

But for us in the truther community, we are not part of the overall “we”. There is swamp and not swamp. Wheat and tares. Some of the cops on the ground there have spoken out but their words are being suppressed. They tend to be lower ranking.

What facts do we know publicly?

1. Minimum 3 shooters, 2 with fully-automatic weapons at approximately 400 and 250 yards respectively and one semi auto shooter very close to the venue. This is the first time I've seen full-auto machine guns openly used in an operation like this. It's pretty bold to use highly restricted class 3 weapons that would cause excessive questions.

2. Sufficient evidence that the scene in the room was an FBI sting gone bad.

3. People really did get hurt or die. Bullets were quite real. In contrast to a completely theatrical DHS HSEEP exercise, this tends to piss people off.

4. The FBI does not promote justice, but intentionally prevents it for political reasons. That organization may not be all swamp, but it is still ruled by the swamp. Their disdain towards the public is obvious now. They are not public servants. They serve something else. And MOST of the public realizes this now. Combine this with the NFL fiasco, and the spell is broken.

5. The swamp IS concerned about what the public thinks. And so they DO carefully monitor public response to an event. This is evidenced by a shifting narrative that destroys swamp credibility.

In a sense I agree the truther movement isn't generally the problem; however we need to be sure not to relax as if we have arrived.
Point being you said the lower rank police
but their words are being suppressed
This is my problem with that statement; nobody suppresses your words! The term whistle blower comes to mind and in this case if you know something, spill your guts.
This is why all cops are bad and are scum; they rather let someone in their ranks get away with murder and suppress their words than do the right thing and call them out regardless of the consequence, that is virtue.
Cops are the order takers that allow all this corruption and murder go on, but their rear end and pensions are more important than the truth, cops are scum.
Comply or Die is NOT the Law!
Deconstructing False Flag Events Around The World:Ole Dammegard

He is very suspicious of official Las Vegas story!


Campos & Schuck on the Ellen Degenerate show.  Answered a couple of questions I'd had.  Neither man saw Paddock shooting.  Also, Campos said the shots came through the door.  I still haven't seen a picture of the door shot up, so I assumed that people were making a mistake, saying 'door' when they meant 'doorway.'  With no bullet holes in the door, it would make sense that the shooter opened the door, stepped out and shot.  But now...where are the bullet holes in the door?  Has anybody seen a photo of that?

Interview ends with Degenerate giving one guy some crap from the Baltimore Colts football team (a couple of weeks ago I saw a former marine burn his 4 season passes because of the kneeling stuff), and Campos got some crap from the Oakland Raiders.  So Degenerate is advertising the liberal divisiveness of the NFL.

I didn't realize she had a stake in Las Vegas slot machines.  Some videos about that:

She made a point of saying that the two men would not be talking any more about the shooting.  She also made a point about neither man getting paid for appearing on her show.  So then, why did they wait to appear on her show?  Why not other shows for the same (no) money?  HAS to be because of her connections to Vegas.  I would speculate that she was tasked with the job of helping to guide the narrative because if anyone questioned the interview well, then, that's just sexist homophobia.
Only Jesus Campos interview EVER w/comedian making millions off her own "Ellen" slot machines at MGM casinos. WOW

Strange. Skipped Hannity. Picked "Ellen" so wouldn't get tough question. Refused $. Will never do another interview.


Ellen said this would be his only interview!
McConnell donors weigh switching to Bannon - The Breitbart chief barnstorms the country in search of cash to fund his project to primary Republican senators.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon flew to Atlanta last week to huddle with Republican megadonor Bernie Marcus — and to hear him vent.

A Home Depot co-founder who's been one of the most prolific givers to Senate Republicans, Marcus fumed to Bannon for hours about the lack of return on his investment. In the past six months alone, Marcus has funneled $2 million to a super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and tens of thousands more to the National Republican Senatorial Committee — only to watch the Senate fail again and again.

Another sign, Mitch is going down, if he doesnt get Trump agenda through the Senate!
I've now seen two references to planned activities (high incident project) in Vegas not being over for the month of October. The illuminati symbolism BS is pointing to another concert on the 22nd in the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Capacity is 12,000. Band is Arcade Fire and the specific song reference is Electric Blue.

This involves connections to the Clinton Foundation through a scheme for global healthcare.

Does lightning strike twice?

I would recommend vacating Vegas on the 22nd and letting them blow up or release whatever the hell they want with nobody there. If anyone wants to see this band in concert, see them elsewhere.
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