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These guys say it was a setup. Cops intentionally pushed the group into a waiting antifa. Many were trying to leave.

What Really Happened in Charlottesville
I can see the day when the little people get screwed for such an edict because their 25 cent Guy Fawkes mask can't keep up with the Soros Hollywood make-up Mission-Impossible jobs for his people, which is tied up in litigation over whether or not it meets the legal definition of a mask.

In the meantime, actions speak louder than appearances. Did somebody destroy property, cause injury, or take a life? Then THAT is what needs to be prosecuted.

As far as state/local ordinances, it's up to them. Tenth Amendment withstanding.

Oh, and here's how the fake news blitz painting Trump as a KKK racist turned out:

Trump voters react to his statements after violence in Charlottesville

Courtesy of CBS Evening News oddly enough.
Steve Bannon Speaks After White House Departure: ‘I’m Going to War for Trump’

By Charlie Spiering18 Aug 201793
Recently departed White House strategist Steve Bannon is preparing a war for Donald Trump, not against him.

“If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,” Bannon told Bloomberg Businessweek
’s Joshua Green.
So now we know it really is a psy-op:


The mayor said he has spoken with the Southern Poverty Law Center for guidance on how to handle events involving white supremacists
City officials approved a permit earlier this week for the rally, organized by the Boston Free Speech Coalition.
A large counter-protest is also expected at the event. The sides will be separated by barriers, Boston Police said.
Organizers for the Boston Free Speech Rally said they condemn white supremacists and have no association with the groups involved in the Charlottesville clashes.

Roadblocks, weapon ban...

Gainesville set for white nationalist meet...
Protests leave cities scrambling to balance safety, free speech...
Dems risk culture war fight...
President struggles to soothe nation...
 Isis is blowing the shi**t out of folks, decapitating, real ugly Shii*te.
    Why doesn't the Holy Father mention the Iraq genocide, it isn't ancient history  though a few hundred thousand innocents were  slaughtered.
     Seems to me, it's not mentioned by him with the same force this is..                I wonder why.
Beheading, how many innocent Iraqis were behead, sliced and diced... go figure!
Beheading, or blowing innocent  family's  into LIL pieces,  or torture,,, both are crimes against humanity.......
    Ben/daddy was released, free.. They had not mucking Idea he was a charismatic would be leader or they mentored him.
                        Either way it doesn't look good for the intell community and their bosses
Donald Trump / Re: Executive Order - Solution to Trump's "disavow the KKK" problem
« Last post by Rex on August 18, 2017, 09:48:10 PM »
11 states have anti-mask laws.  Should they be forced to abandon them because they're too Big Brother?

And unmasking agitators protects law abiding crowds.  Trump's E.O. could be about keeping the peace, making it safe for people to take their children to rallies again, now that the KKK (and other insidious groups) can no longer hide behind their masks.

If the liberal jihadists aren't stopped in America, then it's game over.  Unmasking them seems like a pretty benign step to take in order to help save the country.

And yes, burkas (or hijabs) cannot be exempted, since they are masks.  It's not a religious thing, but what applies to the KKK regarding face coverage has to apply to all.
    I have a feeling AJ wanted to knock his block off,  have to hand it to him, he remained in control of his temper.
MSM addicts, it is truly depressing bearing witness to actions and mentality of the brain dipped.

The Golden Triangle was controlled, the opium trade was under the agencies rule. A guy I knew, Sgt. Paul Withers Green beret was TDY to the agency in Laos protecting opium production and CIA landing strips, he testified at the congressional hearings know as winter soldiers.
Afghanistan heroin production went up about 40% after the occupation.
Big Pharma is making a bundle, home turf as if Pharma and the insiders aren`t aware of the consequences and profits.Costs of US prescription opioid epidemic estimated at $78. 5 billion ...legally?

Let`s not forget Oly North ran cocaine it became ( an epidemic in human lives USA) and was caught, not heroin, but an indication who truly runs the show.
The Clintons ran drugs for years, check it out , EXPOSED: Clinton's Trafficked MASSIVE CIA Shipments of Cocaine. › bill clinton drug trafficking
May 15, 2016 - Back then Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas which was the home ... The famous drug smuggler Barry Seal ( killed )was one of the pilots in this crew...
In short, the inside heavies are protected, any drug lord who gets too big or doesn`t play ball is taken out.
 There is an under current in that swamp Trump is taking on, it has been around for many moons.


Should we arrest people wearing burkas as well? What about the cops that wear balaclavas? (which I've never agreed with, btw)

I'm pretty sure the mayor and the governor knew the intent of various factions in that crowd. There's articles fingering them. If the event results in further restrictions on freedom, then the lefties win. That's the whole point of them doing what they do. To them, being in jail together simply means “equality”. To Soros, it means a free America turned into a gulag Amerika. Mission accomplished.

Donald Trump / Re: Executive Order - Solution to Trump's "disavow the KKK" problem
« Last post by Rex on August 18, 2017, 07:41:22 PM »
Local authorities often dictate rules of engagement for the police.  In Charlottesville, the cops probably got orders to do what they did.

That would be the beauty of an Executive Order prohibiting masks at political events--the cops would know that their local officials don't have any say on the mask issue.  See a mask, arrest the agitator.
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