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The hysterical hunt to find something to blame on Trump, and the hysterical way that people in the public eye are being accused of sexual misconduct, reminds me of the Salem Witch Hunts.

The witch hunts and the trials were exercises in over-the-top hysteria.

You would think we'd be beyond that today, but it's as if we've taken a 300-year leap back in time.  The stuff about Trump is beyond groundless, and stupid--we all know it's crap.  And celebrities are being fired now for just one accusation.  No hearings, no trial, just termination.  I know that there are lots of pervs out there, but even pervs have a right to defend themselves.

I don't know who Travis Smiley is, don't watch TV, but apparently he's been on the tube for 30 years.  This paragraph from an article about his suspension is pretty creepy: He said that PBS began its investigation without informing him, and only realized what was happening after “former staffers started contacting me to share the uncomfortable experience of receiving a phone call from a stranger asking whether, I had ever done anything to make them uncomfortable, and if they could provide other names of persons to call.”

It's like the world has been taken over by secret police, gossip mongers and snitches.  Real underbelly stuff, slimy.  It's truly as if we've jumped back to the time of the Salem witch trials.
Trump is your last hope.Your Wake Up Call Is Now America  (He is right! A MUST HEAR!)

A Good American ( About another great American, William Binney)

WE Will NOT SURRENDER!! 1776- 2017
Democrats do not want you to Hear This....Truth destroys their lies...

Cracking the Code, 3rd Edition

Why Do Blacks Keep Saving CROOKS?(DEMOCRATS) Always Being Used.

This guy is a great American! He is extremely informed!

More of his videos: (click on Videos)

Thank you for the video.
This five-minute video is fantastic.  He gets it all the way in that Humanity is at stake.

love, e

This awakening really scares the globalists. They were counting on the people remaining stupid.


An “American first” attitude among Americans will destroy the criminal globalists and their willing co-conspirators on both sides of the aisle. Not buying their intentional race baiting that divides people is the other key to restoring your country.

Unity will destroy the globalist agendas.

CANDACE OWENS: BLACK PEOPLE WAKING UP WILL BE HELL FOR DEMOCRATS IN 2020 - African Americans are leaving the Democratic plantation at record levels
Mic Drop* Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Out April Ryan in Front of ENTIRE Press Pool About Her Homemade Pecan Pie (VIDEO)

Way to go, Sarah!  ;D

April, you need to stop acting like a fool. You are only embarrassing yourself. if you want to be taken seriously, you will start acting like a professional who is informed and not a fool who spouts nonsense. However, you will need to leave CNN to ever be taken seriously.
BOOM! GOP Rep. Jim Jordan: I Think We Have Proof FBI Worked Against Republican Party During Election

Mueller circus is losing credibility by the hour! You should be ashamed of yourself. You lie!

You are coming down,  but in your arrogance you keep digging your hole. How foolish!
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