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Just slipping this in here for posterity.

I await a ludicrous “exploding cell phone” announcement.

Aired 1240 pm EST on 23 Sep 2014
Video: (Hat Tip to SCHOPENHAUER for the find!)

What is the Khorasan Group? (CNN)

BANFIELD: CNN's justice reporter Evan Perez joins me live from Washington. This group is so secretive, Evan, what exactly do we know about the Khorasan group?

EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE REPORTER: Well, Ashleigh, we know this is a group of al-Qaeda veterans that have come from -- some of them from Pakistan, some of them from Yemen, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen which has attempted attacks against U.S. airliners.

What they're focused on is external threats, external attacks. Unlike the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria focused on the Assad regime, these guys are trying to attack the U.S. and Western allies.

They do that by trying to perfect undetectable bombs, things that could be hidden in your cell phone or on your laptop or in toiletries or in clothing. They've been working on these new bomb designs, and the U.S. believes they were very close to producing something that they could launch an attack against us.

BANFIELD: I mentioned this early on in the program, but it appears that their leader, who's really closely tied with bin Laden's deputies prior to 9/11, might have even known about 9/11 before anyone else did, other than the top echelon.

But he's about, what, 30 or so years old now --

PEREZ: Thirty-three years old. This guy's been on the radar for the U.S. officials for many, many years. His name is Muhsin al-Fadhli. U.S. officials believe he's in Syria where he's gathered up an all- star series of bomb makers.

He is blamed for 2002 attacks against a French ship in the Persian Gulf and against U.S. troops, Marines, in Kuwait. So they know that he has been involved in attacks.

He's been mostly a fund-raiser, and they now believe he's leading this Khorasan Group against the U.S. and against western targets, Ashleigh.

BANFIELD: Apparently there's a $7 million reward out for him.

PEREZ: Right.

BANFIELD: I just want to touch again on -- you mentioned this issue about the notion that they've been refining and fine-tuning their ordnance.

Has anyone in the administration indicated what kind of an attack was so imminent -- what operation was so far down the line that they needed to do this strike because they felt that if they didn't do it now, the toothpaste was out of the tube and they would not be able to track it?

PEREZ: That's exactly the point. I think they've gotten to a point, according to the officials we've talked to, that they weren't sure anymore that they could detect it if it goes any further. That's the reason why these targets were hit overnight.

Now, they haven't said what specific attacks they were, but these guys are focused on aviation. That's their number one target. So the view was that it's either flights within Europe or to Europe or to the United States.

The point is they had already gotten the materials to construct these types of devices.
And the fear was you can't wait until something blows up over New York or Washington. You have to hit them now, Ashleigh.

BANFIELD: Evan Perez, thank you for that.

So the big question now after we've been watching -- maybe it is shock and awe. Whatever happened in Syria last night, is it enough to actually get the job done, degrade, destroy ISIS? Or is there something more need, like people on the ground, fighting mano a mano?

We'll dig deeper on that in a moment.

Gee. Evan Perez shows up “working closely with homeland security” and even did a piece on “missing planes” and several pieces about ISIS.
If vast 'conspiracies' could NEVER happen then tell me how could this happen ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY?
BlackRoses. I might have mentioned this before if so sorry.
Bill & Hill were interviewed after leaving a nightly gathering, Bill was the prez candidate, they appered a tad high.
No matter, the reporter asked them why he wanted to be president, "they both replied in unison, "Why the power of course"
 Their response was like, whats wrong with this shi**thead, why else would we want the WH.

No need to apologize. :) And it's no wonder why that clip has slipped into a black hole. I remember you said you tried to find it on other sites and couldn't find it.
Except, as of late, the govcorp arrogance has gone into overdrive. Which means they kinda sorta don’t care what we think. Govcorp simply says, “WE tell you what happened.” (whether it’s true or not) Followed by “WE decide what action to take. To hell with your Constitutional rights. You don’t like it? Then as far as we’re concerned, you can…”

Russia, Iran Considering Joining The Coalition To Fight ISIS
Alessandria Masi - September 22 2014


Two countries that have very strained relationships with the United States are considering joining the fight against the Islamic State group. Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Security Council Sunday night that he would consider working with international partners and the Iranian government said it is ready to collaborate with the U.S. to fight the Sunni militant group, in exchange for breathing room on their uranium enrichment program, Reuters reported.

As for Russia, the Kremlin’s decision to collaborate comes at a crucial time in the battle against ISIS. At Friday's meeting with the Security Council, where Russia holds veto power, Kerry made the case for international support in Iraq to combat the Sunni militant group.

And, a Kremlin spokesperson told Russian media that Putin was considering joining working with other countries, but did not elaborate on which countries Russia would be willing to work with. He also did not say whether or not Russia would consider being a part of the U.S.-led global coalition to battle the militants, Reuters reported.

"Permanent members of the Security Council exchanged opinions on possible forms of cooperation with other partners on a plan to counter Islamic State in the framework of international law," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to Russian news agency Interfax.
Everybody let's rock and roll!
Putin Considers Throwing Russia Into ISIS Fight: Report

The next weapon in the fight against Islamic extremists in the Middle East might be Vladimir Putin. The Russian president discussed with his Security Council on Monday potentially contributing to fighting ISIS, according to Russian news agencies. The council "exchanged opinions on possible forms of cooperation with other partners on a plan to counter Islamic State in the framework of international law," Interfax quoted a Kremlin spokesman as saying.

The United States has been trying to build a broad coalition to thwart ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq, but Russia has not been part of the conversation. “The anti-ISIL coalition is not a club party — we do not expect any invitations and we are not going to buy entry tickets,” said Ilya Rogachev, an official in Russia's Foreign Ministry said last week. But Russia is a supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose regime is trying to stave off an insurgency that has included ISIS fighters.

ISIS could potentially threaten Moscow directly, too. The group's ranks include Muslims from Russia's North Caucasus region, who have been waging their own insurgency in the mountainous region following two wars between Moscow and separatists in Chechnya.
I don't believe the people are buying it anymore. I'm seeing most folks have at least heard the 9/11 hoax story even if they don't believe.

Another couple of badly played false flags and the elites will only have the youngest children to indoctrinate.

The Exploding underwear and exploding phone stuff isn't playing to the working folks as well as it did a couple years ago.

They will have to start really stepping up the terrorist game with the 5 and under crowd.

Exploding burritos from Taco al cia da Bell.
Had a fox attempt an attack on my 4 and 6 year old on the 16th green this evening!

A fox? Really?
I see exploding gadgets on commercial airliners in the near future. Better yet, nothing will actually explode. It will just be "found" by the ever-vigilant TSA (protecting us from paperweights and GI Joe action figures since 2001) resulting in NEW rules and further flight restrictions to discourage travel. The spinmeisters have spoken!

CNN: We Just Greased Up The Public For NEW Travel Restrictions! FF On The Way!
 Keeping survelance on the DHS, training excersises, feds. , MSM gatherings, etc..Could give us a hint.
 Just a maby..
 Geez, they are advertising a terror attack, sureal isn't it?
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