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Mind Control / Re: Education Reform!
« Last post by iamc2 on Today at 05:39:49 am »
Right now that seems like the only option. However we need to look at the long-term perspective. UNESCO is trying the influence what is thaught globally. How can we counter this? And of course  they are being controlled.
Education in the USA Can Not be Fixed: Because it was created to make children FAIL!

Home Schooling is the best option and for the young parents who can not Home School; Well they had better teach GOD; Morals and Values to their children, before they send them to the Nazi Brainwashing Centers!
Man's Best Friend & Posties Worst Nightmare.....or not?

I know exactly how it feels because I use to be a paper boy.

At one farm there was this cowardly german shepherd who didn't dare to attack me on the way in ahead but on the way out with my back to him he always attacked me and try to bite my ankle.

Love dogs btw and never show fear which helps.

Heart warming Vid. and it shows the Kindness of a Postman towards dogs/or/was it a Bribe as so he did not get A Bite for his service  ;D!

I say dogs are Cool and are defiantly Mans Best Friend  8)
There are obviously a wide variety of opinions on what the healthiest diet is for the average person.

I don't presume to be an expert on this issue, so I have more questions than answers.

That said, I've often wondered if eggs have the dual benefit of (a) matching all the nutritional characteristics of "meat" while (b) avoiding the both the necessity and horrors of a slaughterhouse.
Eggs are one of God's Perfect Foods; especially beneficial to Brain Function: and this is WHY: the Nazis tell us NOT to Eat Eggs!
Gotta wonder why so called Jewish Rothschilds bought Charlie Hebdo, a paper that also bashed Jews.

I wonder if they took out anti-terrorist insurance before hand like Larry Silverstein did.
Alt Health/Natural Food/Survival / Re: Mapacho is the best tobacco
« Last post by iamc2 on Today at 05:12:15 am »
^^^^^Good cover my brother  you right on.  If ya was runnin you'd have my families vote..
Thanks brother  8); I would run for president: But my Knees are Shot: So I'll have to Walk the Race... ;D
Thanks for the information! But did anyone notice. nowadays most of the blockbuster movies contain symbolism and hints of their plans? Even the marvel movies and uuh watchmen was a total ritual.
Hey why not scare a lot of people, by running a fun exercise.

And while were at it, just in case there are real planes attacking from the sky, we will have confusion from the people who would protect from a real emergency!!! 

Sounds logical and wonderful...
Strait from NORAD itself:

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – The Continental Region NORAD (CONR & Western Air Defense Sector) here will conduct Exercise Falcon Virgo 15-SB (Super Bowl XLIX) Jan. 27.

 This exercise comprises a series of training flights held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, Continental, U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region (CONR), Air Force F-16 aircraft, Customs and Border Patrol helicopter and fixed wing and Civil Air Patrol aircraft, Cessna 182s.

 Exercise Falcon Virgo is designed to test CONR-WADS intercept and identification operations with a variety of scenarios involving possible hostile aircraft. Residents in the Phoenix, Gila Bend and Chandler areas of Arizona may observe USAF -16 aircraft, Customs (Helicopter and fixed wing) and/or Civil Air Patrol aircraft participating in the exercise between 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. Jan. 27 when flights are scheduled to occur.

 In the event of inclement weather the exercise will be canceled.

 These exercises are carefully planned and closely controlled to ensure WADS’s rapid response capability. WADS has conducted exercise flights of this nature throughout the western region since the start of Operation Noble Eagle, the command’s response to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

 WADS and its eastern counterpart - Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) in Rome, N.Y., are part of the Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region (CONR). CONR, as the continental United States (CONUS) geographical component of the bi-national command NORAD, provides airspace surveillance and control, and directs air sovereignty activities for the CONUS region. CONR and its assigned Air Force assets throughout the country ensure air safety and security against potential air threats.

 Since Sept. 11, 2001, NORAD fighters have responded to more than 2,100 possible air threats in the United States, Canada and Alaska, and have flown more than 42,000 sorties with
  the support of Airborne Warning and Control System and air-to-air-refueling aircraft.

 For more information on flight-training exercises, please contact the AFNORTH Public Affairs at (850) 283-8080 or the NORAD Public Affairs Office at (719) 554-6889.
gijzeling NOS Journaal

Jan 29, 2015 Fred Kuipers

…the things that are going to be told … are about big world affairs … we are hired by secret services … there we learned things which made us question current society … and that’s what we are going to bring out now.

So that was that, …
Zero profit growth expected for U.S. companies in first quarter
29 January 2015
, by Caroline Valetkevitch - New York (Reuters)

Falling oil prices, a soaring dollar and concern about weaker global demand have increasingly pessimistic analysts predicting Standard & Poor's 500 companies will see no earnings growth at all in the first quarter of 2015.
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